The TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 11 "Steve McQueen”Launched in October 2015 is based on the original version of the 1969; the first square case watch with a water resistant chronograph.
The watch has a long history starting in 1969 when the reference was launched Heuer Monaco 1133B, representing a complete break from the aesthetic codes of the watchmaking tradition, with a large case, metallic blue dial, red seconds hand and the crown positioned on the left.
With its debut on the track in 1970, the watch was seen on the big screen the following year. Steve McQueen insisted on wearing the model while shooting the film "Le Mans”In 1971. Immediately recognizable and often copied, the 1133B is coveted by collectors and sought after in the most prestigious auctions.

Taking a look at the 2015 reissue, one of the highlights is the buckle with the "Heuer" logo while the design of the bracelet is based on gloves racing, adding a vintage touch to the timepiece. The caseback reveals the automatic chronograph movement which features a 40-hour power reserve.

Photo: (TAG Heuer)