Are we entering a new era of mechanical watchmaking?

This is the question we asked ourselves after that Greubel Forsey presented his project "Mechanical Nano"On the occasion of SIHH2017.

The result of a decade-long work and in the greatest secret of the experts, EWT Labortory (Experimental Watch Technology) - the experimental laboratory of GF - has tried to completely rethink the traditional mechanical movement.

“This is not simply a miniaturization. It is clearly a new language, a new formula. " Robert Greubel

Although many of the solutions adopted are hidden in a “mysterious box”, let's see how the Mechanical nano differs from a traditional mechanical movement.

La power reserve of a common caliber can last about 3 days, while it would amount to about 180 days that of Mechanical Nano di Greubel Forsey. A considerable increase, obtained thanks to the small size of the movement.

Through this new technology many components will be miniaturized, while others will no longer be used. In this way, the movement will not only be smaller but also consume much less energy.

For lovers of figures, the volume used by the movement parts will be reduced by approximately 90%, with a 60-fold increase in power reserve compared to the current average. The "unused" space can be used to give shape to new complications such as the Frequency Indicator.

Compared to a traditional movement, we can see how the train of wheels, the escapement and the regulating organ are missing. All apparently absorbed by the “Mechanical Nano” component, which would contain a new and revolutionary wheel: the propulsion wheel !

                   Propulsion wheel (prototype 2014) Energy source: air flow

And it is precisely here that many of us, the most technical and mechanics lovers, will stop to analyze what that might contain mysterious box and how this 'new' wheel will be integrated.

With this teaser, Greubel Forsey have managed to intrigue and fascinate enthusiasts and professionals in the sector.

Are we really close to a revolution? What application will this technology find? Only on niche products, or will they be able to find a "partner" able to realize it on a large scale?

We will certainly return to talk about the Mechanical Nano, since GF has promised it will release updates later this year and 2018!