THE Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser it is one of those watches that I would surely like to have in my collection if I could count on an unlimited budget.

The name Freak, is undoubtedly suited to this futuristic timepiece if we think of the innovations that are part of its mechanics, the unusual solutions of time-of-day, manual winding and its design.

The escapement, the very heart of the movement, is the real protagonist of this engineering work with his Dual Direct Escapement.

This escapement, introduced in the 2001 by Ulysse Nardin and invented by Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, is a vanguard in terms of mechanical solutions and use of materials.

The watchmaking house located in Le Locle was the first to employ the technology in silicon for its components with the launch of the first Freak, now 16 years ago. Since then, the evolution has been continuous.

Le double-wheel escapement they are made of silicon, a material that makes them lighter, more efficient, more resistant and without the need for lubrication.

But the strength of the Freak Cruiser 2050-131 (white gold case) is not "limited" only to the escapement but also to the power reserve of 7 days.

The legibility of the time is exceptional. The two anchors, symbol of the maison, indicate hours and minutes. Along the 'hand' of the minutes you can see the black cage, also in the shape of an anchor, which overlooks the "Flying Whirlwind".

Another aspect that leaps to the eye is therewithout the crown. The task of setting the time is entrusted exclusively to lunette, which can be operated once released by a 'tab' located at 6 o'clock.

La manual charge movement is possible by turning the case back, where through the glass it is possible to observe the winding spring as you go to recharge it.

Bring the Freak cruiser on the wrist, it made me feel like a child in front of a toy showcase: ecstatic.

To be able to admire the 'magic dance' of the wheels in such a close way in transmitting the energy necessary to make the tourbillon balance wheel 'fly' and through plays of light to be able to see the blue of the two wheels. watchmaking like myself, pure poetry.

I am sure that many of you suffering from the same disease will agree.

Obviously, what separates the child from the toys is not just the showcase. Speaking of figures, the price of this "toy" for adults is around 90 Euros.

After all, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde "The difference between a man and a child is the price of their toys."