We already told you about the Story of the Rolex Daytona in the article http://bit.ly/2pIGLAs, but now we tell you of the model original owned by american actor and pilot.

Considered by passionate and experts like the Holy Grail of vintage wristwatches, the Rolex Daytona owned by Paul Newman will finally be auctioned on October 26 in New York from Phillips watches. During the last few years there have certainly been stories and myths around this clock regarding who he went in inheritance and above all at the present value of Newman's legendary Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, until the true story has surfaced.

The watch was a gift from the actor's wife, Joanne Woodward, purchased for $ 300 in the late 60s. The back is engraved with the phrase "Drive Carefully Me“, A message of good hope for Newman in those years in the height of his racing career automakers. The watch remained on the actor's wrist until 1984 when with a simple gesture it was given to James cox, at the time the boyfriend of Paul's daughter, Nell Newman.

According to Cox's account, one afternoon when the three were together, Paul asked James the time and he replied: "I don't know, I don't have a watch". With a simple and decisive gesture Newman took off his Daytona from the wrist and gave it to Cox , pronouncing the famous phrase “Here is a watch. If you wind the crown, it will tell you the time precisely. "


Cox claims he doesn't know how much it is valid the gift until, walking among the stands of a fair, he came across a man who with a pat on the shoulder as a sign of admiration e amazementPointing to Cox's watch, he said to him in barely hinted English: "Paul Newman's watch, Paul Newman's watch!", while he was amazed, he wondered how this boy knew he was wearing his wrist. 'clock of Paul Newman.
Obviously this man was a watch enthusiast and saw that he had an original Daytona on his wrist.
After that meeting James cox did some research and finally aware of the legendary state of the watch, he decided to sell it, relying on the auction house Phillips watches, thus giving a second life to the myth of Daytona

We will have to wait until October to find out how much the value of this piece of watchmaking history, (surely a record) but at the moment we know for sure that a significant part of the proceeds will be allocated to Nell Newman Foundation, founded in 2010 by Nell following the death of her father from lung cancer in 2008.

Il the best way to make the myth that wraps this dream watch.