In the light of ours extensive experience of insiders as well as of collectors and watchmaking enthusiasts, we have decided to list you a series of tips to take better care of your timepiece.

We all start from a 'year zero', consequently many of these information they can almost be discounted for the purpose connoisseur of watches, but we hope they will prove useful in particular for those who have recently entered 'our' fascinating world.


Your watch too Automatic it has a power reserve and must be charged Manually, especially if the movements of the wrist are not enough to wind the movement automatically or if you do not wear it for more than two days (on average).

You reload your watch with the help of the crown carrying about 30 rotations complete clockwise, perhaps making a habit of doing it every Average delivery time.

For winding movements manual, turn the crown until you hear it get stuck. The watch will then be fully charged. Do this with softness. So please don't shake your watch to recharge it !!

A mechanical watch can accompany us throughout the course of our life. However, since the watch is a high-precision instrument, it must be subjected to regular maintenance to preserve its internal components, as well as its appearance and value.

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Imagine not changing the oil in your car engine for years, sooner or later the engine could cause you reliability problems. The watch is an even more delicate and continuously moving machine. Its components measure a few tenths of a millimeter and a balance wheel, the heart of your watch, performs well 28'800 vibrations / hour and it works for 24 hours a day (691'200 y / o), multiply everything by the days of the year in which you wear it.

The wear to which it is subjected is truly impressive! You cannot demand maximum precision from your watch if you do not take good care of it.

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For this we recommend full service every 4/5 years Always contact official service centers, recognized by the brand of your watch.

Maintenance of quartz movementsThe battery of your quartz watch does not have an infinite life and once it is discharged it begins to degrade. It is therefore advisable to replace it as soon as you realize that the watch has stopped to prevent the liquid released from the battery from damaging the movement. 


➤ Try to avoid that your watch is in close contact with electronic devices that can generate loud magnetic fields.

Mechanical watches are affected by particularly strong magnetic fields and if so suffer malfunctions such as an excessive advance or delay in running until the movement stops. In this case it will be necessary to take your timepiece to an authorized service center that will carry out the demagnetization.

In recent years, many fashion houses have developed movements equipped with components, especially the more sensitive ones such as the balance spring, capable of withstanding magnetic fields thanks to the use of innovative materials such as silicon.

If your watch has a date window that's fine avoid adjusting from 22pm to 4amThe components of the movement that perform this function could be biting during this time slot, and forcing this procedure could cause damage to the various gears.

➤ Be careful not to expose your timepiece to extreme temperatures (above 60 ° C or below 0 ° C) or thermal changes.


The water resistance of each watch is guaranteed thanks to sophisticated solutions that differ according to the degree of depth for which it is designed.

Water resistance is guaranteed thanks to a gasket system that are constantly subjected to external stresses such as sudden changes in temperature, UV rays, chemicals, dust.

Their resistance is not eternal and varies according to the use of the watch.

As a rule it is advisable to replace the gaskets every one or two years, through the maintenance service that all major watchmaking houses offer to their customers.

Some recommendations ...

.☛ In case your watch is equipped with a screw-down chronograph crown or pushers, make sure they are well tightened before any contact of the case with water;

☛ Never pull the crown out underwater or when the watch is wet;

☛ Never press the chronograph buttons when the watch is wet or underwater;

☛ Never press the chronograph buttons when the watch is wet or underwater;

☛ After diving in sea water, promptly rinse your watch in fresh water.

For a more detailed study we recommend our article 'The water resistance of your wristwatch, some advice before the summer holidays'


to clean to best fit the bracelet and case of your timepiece, we recommend that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush with water and neutral soap. For dry them you can use paper towels or a soft cloth.

If not, you can proceed with cleaning the bracelet detached from the case of your watch.