Today we inaugurate PerpetualPEOPLE, the new section of the site that will host interviews and discussions with industry professionals and above all passionate. Because for us, watchmaking is above all passion.

Thanks to asimple'tool such as the wristwatch, it is possible to discover new worlds and meet people guided not only by the love for that object that nowadays seems almost anachronistic, but also by that healthy and contagious enthusiasm that is not always easy find in this area.

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Cesare Cerrito, Executive Chairman di Meccaniche Veloci, not only as CEO of innovative maison Italian-Swiss born in 2015 to relaunch the brand, But also enthusiast and a lover of wristwatches and more ..

How did your passion for the world of watchmaking start? 

It is a passion that was born as a child: my first watch it was a Japanese led, then a Timex with the calculator; then as a teenager, it was the 80s, I became a regular reader of specialized magazines and I iI'm in love with a Breitling Chronomat which I can buy used and which of course I still keep today.

What is your favorite timepiece?  Are so many. Among all the versatility of a Rolex GMT remains unbeatable.

Which three watches do you think are iconic?

Let me split the answer; from a stylistic point of view Daytona, Nautilus e Royal Oak I'm a perfect icon. Few outlined features that we are able to reconstruct perfectly in the mind without looking at them. If we talk about history, in my opinion Rolex Submariner (no date!), Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch and curvex by Franck Muller, the latter because they have upset the flat world of “dishes”, opening the doors to all the design of the new century.

How was MV born?

MV was born in 2006 from an idea of ​​Marco Colombo, watch designer and passionate about engines; not of cars or motorcycles, just of engines, those soiled with oil that burn gasoline; this is how the case that celebrates the piston takes shape: round, with two bands and four valves, immediately a hallmark of the brand. Making a watch with it was a natural thing.

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Describe the MV spirit in 3 words.

The spirit of Meccaniche Veloci is boldness because he does not want to be like anyone, our watches must entertain us and not homologate; And passionate because everything we do comes from the heart and must arouse a rather strong emotional reaction; And concrete because we focus on substance and are obsessed with the quality of our watches; it is not for nothing that we are among the few brands to create a "Super" Swiss Made, Or the 100% of the watch and all its components are made in Switzerland.

What are your plans for the future?

After making ours first in-house caliber,MV8802, the only complication in the world to allow the simultaneous and independent indication of 4 time zones, we would like to make a single time that is the quintessence of our DNA. We want to consolidate ourselves as a niche brand of the highest quality and strong identity.

Tell us about your experience at Baselworld2017.

Baselworld 2017 was the third in my management. Few news, it is a fair that tends to bore me. The much more interesting aspect is the relational one, it is a moment where world watchmaking gathers and creates discussion, comparison and sharing. It was not for nothing that we were in Basel in a joyful and relaxed “off-lounge” location, like ours MV House in Geneva, what interests us to talk about watches and passions.

Your favorite medium?

Everything has at least one piston, absolutely everything. They excite me equally one Land Rover v8 from 1983 or a Bentley Continental GT, passing from Triumph Bonneville almost twenty or the wasp 50 special… And I am happy that the piston will become increasingly rare in the future, relegated to moments of pure joy. In the city, I use only electricity, a conscious choice that I hope will soon become very widespread.

How do you think the watch industry will change in the coming years?

Large groups have approved and saturated a passionate market, distorting it. I feel un return of interest in independent brands, with a strong identity, capable of rekindling dormant emotions. The evolved clientele will break away from industrial luxury and will look for artifacts of substance and content rather than built by marketing. For the others there will always be a mass market, but more difficult, more selective and attentive.

Your next watch? A Fast Mechanics double tourbillon....