Se Amerigo Vespucci e Christopher Columbus were they still one of us, they would certainly be enthusiastic about this new masterpiece.

It is in fact from the deepest maritime roots of the most important Le Locle Manufactory, which is born the Ulysse Nardin Executive Moonstruck Worldtimer, ref. 1069-113 / 01 Limited Edition to 100 specimens, watch that recreates the orbit of the moon and the apparent movement of the sun around the globe as seen from the earth, unlike any other indication offered by an astronomical clock. This intuitive visualization hides one sophisticated mechanism which provides an extremely detailed indication of the phases of the moon, satellite of the Earth that influences and dominates the creation of tide.

The dial also shows a map of the latter particularly easy to read, which is the result of the gravitational forces of these two celestial bodies, as well as the centrifugal force exerted by the rotation of the Earth, exaggerating or canceling the influence of the oceans.

The undisputed star of the dial is the Northern Hemisphere, represented as seen by the North Pole.  Six o'clock in London represents the Greenwich meridian, which marks the Greenwich Mean Time, also called GMT.

Three concentric discs rotate within this fixed world map, while the outer circle reproduces a symbol representing the sun. This solar disk, which completes an entire revolution in 24 hours, passes over an indication of 24 time zones and is equipped with a day / night indicator, allowing the wearer of the watch to view the time in 24 different cities at the same time written on rehaut internal, an indication that of World Hours highly appreciated by "travelers" thanks also to buttons positioned at 8 and 10 o'clock allow the wearer to quickly adjust the time forward or backward one hour. A very practical function when traveling or when switching to winter time.

Ulysse Nardin  amazes once again by proving its own know-how undisputed, excelling both in the field of innovation - see the use and the patent of silicon technology - and in the watchmaking tradition, expressing the utmost all its savoir faire  in the realization of these artwork.

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