He is one of the greatest exponents of the good taste of Italian dressing.

For years protagonist of the major events in the sector including Pitti Uomo staged in Florence e icon undisputed Made in Italy thanks to its unique style and that 7 embroidered on the ties worn under refined Double-Breasted often photographed by the famous blogger Scott Shuman of "The Sartorialist“.

Let's talk about Lino Ieluzzi, entrepreneur and owner of the boutique At the Milan Bazaar of Via Scarpa, shop where you can still breathe intact charm of the knowing how to dress Italian in a unique setting of its kind, between wooden furnishings and historical photos hanging on the walls, as well as a fantastic memorabilia of objects coming directly from 1970s and 1980s, where he himself and his team welcome customers in a full immersion of style and know how.

We had the pleasure of meeting him in his famous boutique "Al Bazar" to exchange views and opinions on his second passion, watchmaking, delighting us between anecdotes and curiosity – including a Patek Philippe ref 3970 exchanged for a Porsche – and tips to never lose sight of the most important goal: to have good taste. Play with accessories, mix them together, and insert them in a context that reflects the personality of the wearer.

"The watch must be presented in context, "played" on people, otherwise it risks becoming flat if put alone. The Japanese are very good at it. A beautiful setting where the watch can come to life and be enhanced."

We have chosen for you five key questions, five as the accessories essential to complete the clothing and the need for true Gentleman. Because in the end it's all about good taste.

Lino, what does the watch represent to you?

The watch is part of ourselves and our life, it encloses our memories and our personality. My watches I have always purchased for emotion and fun,then you are looking for the one that fits you best and match it to your style. Those who love watches of a certain type love to dress in a certain way,as well as being a good investment. If you buy well.

Which timepiece are you most attached to and why?

A Rolex Daytona 1970s, one of the first. I paid him 800, 000 Lire and it was a clock especially for the time. It made you feel important because they still had a few and the time of the time was not going very well. The small sizes were very important: 40, 4 1 up to 42mm were always the measures ideals. At the time the icon was the Rolex Submariner, while the Daytona it was a new speech.
Without forgetting a Patek Philippe ref. 3970 which I exchanged with a Porsche. I used to buy and sell watches only ever for passion. It was certainly easier back then.

Which watches do you wear most often?

On my wrist I often wear a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak it's a Patek Philippe Nautilus. They are watches absolutely versatile and the most elegant absolutely. And above all timeless, unique creations of their kind.

Compulsory application. By what criteria do you choose the watch to wear?

I mostly subscribe to the color of the clock face based on how I dress there morning creating a frame. I also like to spin them throughout the year. I've often happened to rediscover some old references that thanks to a simple change of strap had a appeal completely different. For example this Yacht Master that I hadn't worn in a while. I rediscovered it and after changing the strap, now many people have to point out to me how current it is. I am convinced that the watch is one of those objects that can give you something more, a value added, especially in certain environments.

Tell us about the watch you have on your wrist...

It is a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak with blue dial. I bought it in 1988. I love the color, and often dressing in shades of blu is light blue I can match it easily. I find it atimepiece extremely Elegant but at the same time extremely versatile. I wear it without any problem both with a T-shirt on the beach of Formentera and under the cuff of a shirt in a occasion more formal.

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