25 October 2017 - Swiss manufacturing De Bethune has recently announced the decision to sell part of its majority capital to an investment fund led by Pierre Jacques and Giovanni Perin, respectively CEO of the brand and private equity investor.

As part of this operation, Denis Flageollet, co founder and COO De Bethune will hold the majority stake in the company while the co-founder David Zanetta, who recently slipped away from the operational side of the company in conjunction with his 70th birthday, will sell all his shares after 14 years of great success.

Denis Flageollet, COO De Bethune

"We are delighted to be united with ideal partners to support our long-term development plans", he has declared Denis Flageollet, COO De Bethune.

"Pierre Jacques, who already headed the company for five years between 2011 and 2015, has a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of the maison. Having him now as a shareholder, the CEO and chairman of the board, will be a huge plus for De Bethune ".

Since its inception, the De Bethune manufacture located in L'Auberson, in the Canton of Vaud, has stood out for its high level and innovation in the exclusive range of Swiss Haute Horlogerie.

"Not doing more, but doing better”This is the philosophy that guided De Bethune in the elaboration and creation of every single component, meticulously taking care of every detail.

To date De Bethune ha produced and developed 25 calibers directly in-house and created approx 150 models capable of making fans and collectors from all over the world dream.

With this operation, which will be followed by new important investments, we hope that De Bethune may continue to make us daydream, while maintaining the level of exclusivity that distinguish it!