Roger Dubuis kicks off SIHH 2018 with a roaring roar, presenting two new versions of his Excalibur Aventador S, the collection inspired by the automotive world, the result of the collaboration with Raging Mechanics Lamborghini Squadra Corse. The values that are Lamborghini's propellant, punctually also express the spirit of Roger Dubuis: a cutting-edge mentality, a continuous search for performance and attention to innovative materials. True to its motto "Dare to be rare", the brand dares once again to go further, proposing the timepieces of the iconic Excalibur line in new colored versions.

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Thanks to another astonishing example of extremely complex watchmaking, it makes its debut in 2018 with theExcalibur Aventador S Blue and theExcalibur Aventador S Rose Gold, a sensational blaze of mechanical engineering that delivers extreme performance. The 45mm case of theExcalibur Aventador S Blue is made in C-SMC carbon, the same material used for the construction of some components for the interior and bodywork of the Lamborghini. The strap, also innovative the latter, is in bi-black and Neptune blue with red seams and equipped with a quick release system, the carrure and crown overprinted with blue rubber and blue indices on the carbon fluted bezel. Skeletonized dial always in C-SMC carbon.TheExcalibur Aventador S Pink Gold also with a 45mm case but made of multilayer carbon, it always has the t-caseitanium and rubber and chooses the sparkling warmth of thepink gold for the bezel with black inscriptions. To complete the work an extremely sophisticated strap in bi-material with a black rubber base and black alcantara and golden seams.

The result of the passion for the technological complexities that unite Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the two models boast exceptional performance at the height of the signature"Powered by Raging Mechanics" of the partnership. Both models are equipped with the Duotor caliber RD103SQ andmanual spring with double skeletonized spiral balance wheelor, which refers to the iconic Astral Skeleton, frequency of 57600 vibrations / hour, jumping seconds, 48 jewels, 40-hour power reserve.

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The double barbell is tilted at a specific angle, referring to the longitudinal position of lamborghini engines, supported and highlighted by shaped supports such as triangular suspension systems. This exclusive movement integrates a constant evolution of the Maison's mastery, entirely reinterpreted in the light of its alliance with the car manufacturer. Limited series to 88 pieces.

2018 promises to be adrenaline-pumping with another novelty from the collection Excalibur Spider Pirelli who welcome the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic Pirelli in elegant black titanium with your choice of deep blue or pure white accents. In these last special editions Pirelli with the RD820SQ caliber, the skeletonized and grooved bezel of titanium and with black DLC coating is completed by an overprinted crown of blue or white rubber, coordinated with the blue or white stitching of the strap. This peculiarity winks at the incessant desire for victory inscribed in the DNA of these two exceptional brands. Sealing the union are the legendary tread motifs that reproduce the carvings of the Pirelli CINTURATOTM Intermediate tyre.