Certainly audacity is one of the greatest virtues and it is exactly what gives Ulysse Nardin the ability to know how to transgress, challenging every choice and every technology on which the Manufacture of Le Locle decides to focus.

With Ulysse Nardin one is always ready to meet the incredible and it is really roI mpendo the schemes that l 'whole team challenges convention and challenges us to explore i treasures dell 'oceano. They themselves claim that "some birds are not meant to be caged and, this is called freedom and freedom lies in being bold". Observe the world, travel through time and discover the new Freak Vision though maybe notn will beete readyi believe it ...

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One of the novelties of SIHH 2018 that left the lovers of Haute Horlogerie speechless

Al Geneva Motor Show 2018, Ulysse Nardin introduces the first automatic watch from the Freak collection: the FREAK VISION ref 2505-250,wonder of Haute Horlogerie which incorporates revolutionary innovations already presented in the Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2 Concept Watch at SIHH 2017. As we all know, Ulysse Nardin is a pioneer of innovations in timekeeping, not least for his unprecedented mastery in the use of silicon, introduced in haute horlogerie with the first Freak timepiece presented as far back as 2001. This year among the changes we find a balance wheel in super light silicon with nickel masses (new patent) e stabilizing micro blades which serve to regularize amplitude and significantly increase accuracy, all in a new case made even thinner by a domed sapphire crystal.

Time is still indicated in the manner of the "Freak”, Which distinguishes the whole collection, i.e. from the same baguette movement, a Carousel Tourbillon steering wheel, which rotates around its own axis. Yet the design components are completely different. The upper deck is also new worked in 3D which is inspired by the hull of a ship keeping faith with the roots of the brand while the domed glass allows the creation of a central part of the case and a thinner bezel. Finally, the platinum case is entirely new, with new lugs, new bezel and rubber inserts on the side: a set of elements that give the watch an even more appearance. decisive and captivating.

The most important technical innovations are that of Grinder Automatic Winding System e the Ulysse Nardin Anchor Escapement. The first completely revolutionizes the transmission of energy, exceeding the existing systems by two times for efficiency. The Grinder also makes perfect use of the minimal movement of the wrist thanks to the oscillating rotor connected to a frame containing four arms, which gives the automatic system double the torque, in practice it is like having four pedals on a bike instead of two, while a flexible driving mechanism drastically limits the friction.

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THE Ulysse Nardin Anchor Escapementinstead, it is based on the principle of flexible mechanisms and exploits the elasticity of flat springs. Present one exhaust constant force entirely made of silicon and a circular frame with a fork that moves without friction. The fork is fixed in the center and is supported in space by two tiny blade springs, that, mounted perpendicular to each other, they are subjected to a bending force which bends them and keeps them in a doubly stable state. The result is a positive energy balance that keeps the balance wheel oscillations at one constant speed without affecting the torque variations from the mainspring.

Truly unique with its avant-garde design, it reveals the unknown and… “FREAK ME OUT”!

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