In Basel the engines are warming up for the start of the next edition of Baselworld 2018. 

Unlike some brands that have revealed some anticipations well in advance, Rolex leaves everyone on their toes until March 21, 2018, the date on which the gates of the Salone will open Basel 2018 with the day dedicated to the press, a place where some of the most acclaimed watch manufacturers including Rolex and Patek Philippe, will reveal the next creations and news for next year.

As usual, there are many "rumors”Including an increase in the sales price lists and some reinterpretations of some references - including the Explorer II and the Deepsea, in addition to a highly requested and unlikely news regarding the GMT Master II steel - but the Crowned manufacture di Geneva does not leave any official statement on the matter but reveals only a small news with the launch yesterday of a preview teaser.

It will be all to see therefore, the only certain fact is the reduction of the duration of the fair which in 2018 will take place from 22 at the 27 March, a decision that reflects the challenging situation and the downturn that the sector is currently experiencing, affecting above all the smaller Manufacturers with a number of exhibitors almost halved.

Despite the words of Francois Thiébaud, chairman of the Swiss Exhibitors Committee who stated: "Although it has been a complex year, Baselworld dispels all concerns about the market, thanks to the contagious spirit of renewal and innovation".

We just have to wait then, and to make you find prepared you find , here all previews of brands!

Happy reading and see you on March 21st!