A. Lange & Söhne reserves its "Honey gold", a more scratch-resistant gold alloy with a rich, warm glow, for select watches only. Since 2010, only seven limited editions have been “dressed” in this special material. For 2019, this material will be used for a limited edition of 100 pieces of the Langematik Perpetual.

The Langematik contains many particularities, in addition to the already surprising hand finish for which the German brand is renowned. The Longevity is one of the few watches from Lange to have the comfort of a self-winding movement, and not just any self-winding movement, but one of the few watches with a 3/4 rotor made in 21k gold and with an outer rim in platinum to add centrifugal mass, an interesting solution because this type of rotor has the comfort of a self-winding movement, but at the same time, a rotor that does not obscure the view of the most intriguing part of the movement and guarantees a charge of 46 hours of autonomy.

The movement, the self-winding caliber L922.1 Saxomat, is equipped with a reset mechanism. When the crown is pulled out, the balance wheel is stopped and the second hand is returned to the zero position. This makes it possible, or easier, to set the time precisely before restarting the watch.

As previously said this "honey gold" is less prone to scratching, but it also means that it is less easy to work with, and this means that it takes longer to make and that the tools wear out faster, with a consequent price increase. On the bright side of things, the honey gold color is soft and warm at the same time, and looks very different from regular 18k red or rose gold.

From the point of view of color, it is in fact found between pink gold and white gold, thanks to the addition of copper and zinc, while mineral additives and a special heat treatment make the material harder than normal 18k gold. Price 87.100 EURO.