In Biel, Switzerland - against the backdrop of the brand new headquarters of the Swatch the latest novelty of the brand was recently presented: lo Swatch Flymagic, a timepiece that uses the technology of the revolutionary System51, released in 2013. The newly unveiled Flymagic brings the Sistem51 to a limited edition designed to draw attention to the group's latest technological feat: the rocker spring Nivachron (balance spring made of this particular material derived from titanium, born thanks to the collaboration with Audemars Piguet).

This limited edition shows the Sistem51 movement by reversing the position of the movement, moving it from back to front in the case so that it is fully visible through the transparent dial. Therefore, the self-winding rotor, which is usually found on the back of the movement, is now on display on the front and to prevent it from covering too much of the movement's mechanics it is made of a transparent titanium alloy. In addition, the main barrel of the movement is skeletonized to enhance the airy appearance. The basic movement is that of the Sistem51, which, as the name implies, has 51 components. However, Flymagic's mechanism contains 15 additional components, all of which are engaged with the second hand located at 6 o'clock rotating counter-clockwise.

Featuring a 90-hour power reserve, this movement made entirely by automated machines located in the Biel factory, will initially be presented in a 45mm stainless steel case limited to 500 pieces for each of the three colors and a total of 1.500. pieces. Available from the end of April for around EURO 1.500, each watch will be complemented by a rubber strap and two calfskin straps.