An emblematic figure in the world of motor racing for almost 40 years, the Rolex Daytona it is a sought-after timepiece appreciated by all collectors. With the Tribute to 6240 Tropical, Artisans de Geneve SA wanted to pay homage to this legend of the world of watchmaking and, in particular in this "customization", it has dedicated itself to paying homage to a famous and very rare piece that has acquired over time a very special and refined patina that they have attributed to it the name of "Tropical Daytona".

After several years of research and development, the artisans will carefully prepare each dial and send it to the Bahamas to mature under the tropical climate so as to obtain a natural oxidation process capable of leading to a very uniform amber patina. The curing time depends on the desired color of the patina: 5 weeks for a dark patina, 7 weeks for a lighter tone.

The model's ceramic bezel 116520 it has been replaced by a bakelite bezel, a typical element of the 70s model, entirely handmade in the workshops, where even each dial is, after the maturation time, reworked and finished by hand according to the request.

The case has been worked and finished by hand to give it the look of the original Rolex model Daytona 6240. Delicate and refined hands, discreetly embellish the richness of the “tropical” dial. Each of them is diamond polished in order to acquire the shape of the hands.

The screw buttons have been replaced with slightly longer “ribbed” buttons, developed in the company's workshops. Finally, the glass has been replaced by a plexiglass glass always developed in the laboratories of Artisans de Geneve SA.

Symbol of reliability and aesthetics, the caliber Rolex 4130 is for every watchmaker a point of reference for precision and timekeeping, so the original qualities of the mechanism have been preserved, enhancing it with a hand-made 22K rose gold rotor, which can be glimpsed through a transparent sapphire crystal caseback.

Limited edition of 15 pieces made exclusively on request at the price of 31.260 EURO.

“As time goes by, watches age and shape beautifully. We have worked to reproduce this aging so that each quadrant of this Tribute to the 6240 Tropicale acquires its natural patina and its uniqueness ”.