For every watchmaker, even if slightly fascinated by the history of watchmaking excellence, the Great Sonnerie it represents a climax, an apex that is often not reached in the space of a lifetime. Without a shadow of a doubt, that of the Grande Sonnerie is one of the greatest complications of the art of watchmaking.

Since the beginning of their collaborationRobert Greubel e Stephen Forsey they reflected on what their contemporary interpretation of this royal complication could be. For eleven years, the Great Sonnerie it has shaped their life day by day. Eleven years, during which they worked in the utmost secrecy to assemble the 935 parts of this watch, trying in particular to achieve absolute harmony between the movement, the exterior and, above all, the acoustics.

The most important elements and indications such as the tourbillon, the “gongs” and the striking hammers have been incorporated with the utmost care to ensure architectural balance.

This timepiece has three modes to choose from: Great Sonnerie that strikes the hours and quarters, the Petite sonnerie which marks the passage of only the hours and the modality Silence. The pure and rich sound of the Grande Sonnerie is enhanced by a titanium acoustic resonance cage. This watch from the Petite and Grande Sonnerie, has an on-demand minute repeater with push button, a 24-second tourbillon, hours, minutes, small seconds and power reserve movement. All at a price of around 1.150.000 EURO.