At 12:00 today, in Basel and on the official website of the brand, Rolex has presented a new declination of his Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, made in version Rolesor yellow, a combination of steel Oystersteel and 18K yellow gold. The new reference marks the entry of a precious metal into the Sea-Dweller range, a watch that was designed in collaboration with the pioneers of deep and long-lasting professional diving. This ultra-strong watch-instrument accompanied the first experimental programs of life under the sea, carried out within underwater habitats.

Its role was fundamental in the conquest of the seabed thanks to the box Oyster, initially waterproof to 610 meters (2.000 feet) and then, since 1978, up to 1.220 meters (4.000 feet), thanks to a decisive innovation patented by Rolex: the helium escape valve, integrated on the side of the case. The middle case is made from a block of particularly corrosion-resistant solid Oystersteel. Price 14.950 EURO.