in 1967 YOU SLEEP, which since the late 50s had been supplying watches to US Navy, began to develop a new watch that had to meet a series of requirements set by the American government and that incorporated the results of cutting-edge research conducted by the brand's engineers.

This led to the production of several prototypes, as well as to the registration of a patent for a function that had previously been completely new. But the ambitious project, codenamed "Commando", it never came to fruition. In 2019, the model YOU SLEEP Black Bay P01, which stands for Prototype 1, is inspired by the version created as part of that project and kept in the archives of the brand.

Today, 50 years later, TUDOR revives its unique aesthetic. The Black Bay P01 reflects the exploratory nature of the initial project: a watch designed for both diving and navigation.

Like all the other models in the line Black Bay, the P01 incorporates the hands with the characteristic angular shape, known as "Snowflake”, which appeared for the first time in the brand's 1969 catalogue. Far from simple reproductions of classic models, the watches of the Black Bay they subtly combine historical aesthetic codes with contemporary watchmaking art. They summarize TUDOR's sixty-year experience in the production of diving watches, while remaining absolutely modern.

In 1968 the jointed end link system of the original prototype was the subject of a patent which included a bezel locking and disassembly mechanism, intended to facilitate maintenance of the watch. Model Black Bay P01 draws from that mechanism, providing a bidirectional rotating bezel locking system via a movable end link at 12 o'clock.

Il Black Bay P01 is waterproof to 200 meters and displays hours, minutes, seconds and the date. It features a domed matte black dial with hour markers coated in a luminescent material. Faithful to the functional aesthetics of the prototype that inspired it, its case is entirely satinised, for a matte finish.

Finally, the strap developed for the model Black Bay P01 has a rubber base with “Snowflake” pattern on the back and brown leather finish. In line with the prototype of the time, it is fixed to the watch case using mobile connecting elements in brushed steel. Price 3.760 EUROS.