Passionate about watchmaking and fascinated by vintage measuring instruments since his early youth, FRANÇOIS MOREAU has estabilished RESERVOIR, paying homage to the legendary racing drivers, the pioneers who conquered space and all those heroes determined to push the limits of their age.

It is in Paris, the capital of luxury and creativity, that the maison takes office to give life to its collections of watches inspired by the functionality and aesthetics of objects of the past, but as far as manufacturing is concerned, the watches are designed and hand assembled in Switzerland a La Chaux-de-Fonds, respecting the artisan know-how and the label Swiss Made.

Thanks to a unique design and three Swiss watch complications, the maison is the reflection of times in which precision instrumentation was at the service of men.

On the wrist, RESERVOIR watches tell true, inspiring stories, in which intensity, self-affirmation and strong sensations dominate. The single hand of the RESERVOIR dial recedes every 60 minutes. While meeting the technical needs of diving watches, the Hydrosphere offers an unprecedented vision of these timepieces: it is a watch that fits the wrist, inspired by diving pressure gauges, the instruments on which the life of the diving pioneers once depended.

Equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel with double gradation, helium valve and charge indicator, RESERVOIR Hydrosphere reaffirms its original character thanks to the dial with a single hand. This watch, which challenges the aesthetic canons of diving watches, however, contains the fundamental characteristics for success in sport: safety, functionality, confidence in oneself and in the equipment.

The Reservoir Hydrosphère has a 45mm steel case water resistant to 300 meters featuring a truly unique dial with jumping hours and retrograde minutes. Other essential details are the unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel, with double gradation, which allows you to read the decompression time and the helium valve which allows any helium bubbles trapped in the case to escape. The watch is thus protected from the risk of breakage during the decompression phase.

Bold, Determined, Authentic.

An additional rubber strap is included in each package. Available in the three different versions seen above, starting next summer at the price of EURO 4.250