In the depths there is darkness, the unexpected, the mystery, the adventure ...

The river that flows under the Ponte alle Grazie, where the first Florentine laboratory of Panerai, it is an abyssal river. Military submarines also roam its depths. Panerai, who invents Italian watches for modern heroes, immersed them in them.

Sharks swim in the Arno!

If heroes continue to need titanic adversaries and divine challenges in an increasingly demythicized universe and just a click away, the Panerai Ideas Laboratory gives depth to our world. The images of the new advertising campaign for the collection submersible, made by artists Jean-Marie Vives e Antoine Magnien of the Parisian agency Watch Out, scramble before our eyes the boundary between possible and impossible.

Because everything is possible for an Idea Laboratory.

The god of engineering Hephaestus, in his forge, churned out helmets and winged sandals, golden bows and arrows, bronze giants for Olympic heroes. Panerai, on the other hand, has been forging fiery ideas for modern heroes for over 150 years, proposing luminous dials for nocturnal epics, indexed bezels for underwater raids, chronographs and bronze watches in its timepieces.

Alvaro Maggini, appointed in February 2019 as the first creative director in the history of Panerai, pronounced as follows:

“The demon of adventure has been beating in Panerai's cases ever since the first watch was created. My task is above all to make the world feel better about its pawing in the metal "

The Submersible advertising campaign is divided into six examples that are both iconic and innovative: Bronze, BMG-TechTM, Luna Rossa, Marina Militare Carbotech, Chrono - Guillaume Néry and the Mike Horn edition (some photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page).

Also part of the collection are 3 limited editions. By purchasing one, Panerai customers will be able to add not only an experience, but an authentic dimension to their time on Earth: depth.

Who will immerse themselves in the white mystery of the North Pole with the explorer Mike Horn, who in the blue one of French Polynesia with the freediving champion Guillame Néry, who in the metallic one of a submarine among the chosen bodies of the Italian Navy.

The message is clear: heroes out there, you are all enlisted!