The watches of Glassworks have long been appreciated all over the world for their high quality mechanics, elaborate finishes and timeless elegance. Since the XNUMXth century, some very precise Glashütte clocks have also been used as reliable tools for navigation and to determine the exact position on land, at sea and in the air.

Numerous historic marine chronometers, observation watches, diving and pilot watches made in Glashütte testify to the use of high-precision timepieces as instrument watches, which have found extensive use in very specific areas. Strengthened by this rich heritage of experience and historical tradition, Glashütte Original presents a fifth collection: "Spezialist", dedicated to the intrepid and adventurous man, with a practical mindset and the will to actively create his own life.

Inspired by the past, the first model of this new collection is the diving watch SeaQ, which admirably combines history and modernity.

Lo "Spezimatic Type RP TS200"(photo above), specially developed for sport divers, was an ideal example and a source of inspiration for the new diving watch, in fact already fifty years ago, high quality and complex functionality were already fundamental characteristics of this watch

Today, SeaQ from Glashütte Original is available in two different versions: the SeaQ both in limited and non-limited versions and the SeaQ Panorama Dates, with black or blue dial.

With the limited edition SeaQ 1969, the Saxon manufacture takes up this tradition, showing the historical wording and the number of rubies on the black dial. On the historical model, "Rubies 26" represents the promise of quality associated with the era Caliber 75. The written "Shockproof" refers to the structure of the diving watch, which was known even then for its particularly stable design.

Even the green hands and the shade of beige "Old Radium" Arabic numerals and indices are taken from its historical predecessors. The SeaQ 1969 it is available in a limited edition of 69 pieces (priced at EURO 8.500 or 8.800 depending on the type of closure preferred) and the edition number is engraved on the back plate. This is aligned horizontally and then secured in place with a threaded ring. The back plate is decorated with the engraving of the maritime symbol of the trident, the double G of Glashütte Original and 20 waves, which represent water resistance to 20 bar.

The black dial of the non-limited version of the SeaQ features Arabic numerals, indexes and hands enhanced by the historic nuance "Old Radium". Also this version is equipped with an engraved and aligned back plate which, in addition to the trident, the double G and the 20 waves, shows the progressive number of the case.

Case back of the 1969 SeaQ with the number of the limitation visible.

The second model, the SeaQ Panorama Date, is water resistant to 30 bar, around 300 meters, and is also suitable for professional divers. The water resistance of the two models is reinforced by numerous details, such as the screwed crown, the back plate fixed by a ring on the SeaQ model or the sapphire crystal case back screwed into the center of the SeaQ Panorama Date.

A diver's life can depend on the flawless functioning of his watch. For this reason, Glashütte Original's technicians and watchmakers have put maximum reliability at the heart of the development of the SeaQ. The diving watch, tested in accordance with the law DIN e ISO, meets the strictest German and international quality standards in terms of water resistance, legibility, impact resistance, salt water resistance and many other criteria.

As genuine dive watches, all models feature a unidirectional bezel that rotates counterclockwise and emits an audible click, allowing you to confidently determine your dive time. Thanks to the clear minute synchronization and the triangle covered in Super-LumiNova indicating the start time of the dive, the SeaQ proves to be convincing also from this point of view. In addition, the ceramic insert makes the surface of the bezel exceptionally resistant to scratches. Underwater, divers often find themselves struggling with difficult lighting conditions. In these situations, the SeaQ offers extraordinary visibility.

The printed or applied hour markers and indices are highlighted by the Super-LumiNova, as are the hour, minute and second hands. Thanks in part to the anti-reflective sapphire crystal, their blue luminosity guarantees optimal readability and a safe diving experience even in murky waters.

Both the 1969 SeaQ and the SeaQ are powered by the in-house automatic movement Caliber 39-11 with heavy metal oscillating weight. It is housed in a 39,5mm diameter steel case and features a 40-hour power reserve, seconds stop mechanism and date at 3 o'clock.

The date is of particular importance in the SeaQ Panorama Date. The characteristic large date, a typical element of Glashütte Original, which gives its name to this larger version, is harmoniously positioned at 4 o'clock. White.

However, the difference from the SeaQ goes far beyond the visual details. With the SeaQ Panorama Date, the Glashütte watchmakers have managed to adapt the award-winning 36 caliber enabling him to overcome the difficult challenges posed by underwater timekeeping. In the 36-13 version it is enclosed in a 43,2 mm steel case and is, as usual, perfectly configured in relation to the four key principles: precision, stability, power reserve and aesthetics.

The bayonet fitting ensures that the movement is anchored to the case, giving it particularly effective impact resistance. It features a sizable 100-hour power reserve, while the silicon balance spring allows for high and reliable accuracy - above and below the sea. Of course, the Caliber 36 promise of quality is also fulfilled by the SeaQ Panorama Date. This means not only that it meets the stringent DIN and ISO standards for diving watches but that it also has to undergo the same demanding 24-day test.

Finally, an individual certificate certifies the successful completion of the test by each watch.

The 1969 SeaQ is available with two different strap versions to choose from: a stunning embossed rubber strap and a waterproof nylon mesh strap specially developed for the SeaQ.

The SeaQ and SeaQ Panorama Date are offered with three different bracelet or strap versions: a flat steel bracelet with 8-step precision adjustment mechanism, a sturdy waterproof nylon mesh strap, and an unmistakable rubber strap with an embossed pattern, all of which ensure a secure fit on the wrist.

Il SeaQ from Glashütte Original in a non-limited version with a synthetic strap, it will have the same price as the limited version, that is, we repeat it 8.500 or 8.800 EUROS depending on the type of closure desired and EUR 9.700 for the version with a steel bracelet.

The price of SeaQ Panorama Date, on the other hand, it goes from 11.000 EURO with a synthetic strap and pin clasp (11.300 for the version with deployant), to 12.200 EURO for the version with a steel bracelet.