To honor the team's 90th anniversary Ferrari, Hublot presents a celebratory version of the watch Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari, made in three limited editions conceived in collaboration with the Ferrari Design Center and precisely named 90th Anniversary.

All three models reflect the rich history and legacy of Scuderia Ferrari and illustrate the development of materials used in car racing over the years, a permanent research carried out by both companies, as the motto of Hublot "The Art of Fusion". Each of the three versions of the Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary bears one of the three Scuderia colors on the edges, numbers and hands. Yellow for the platinum version, red for the one in 3D carbon and black for the one in sapphire. All watches will be made in limited edition of 90 pieces10 “caskets” will also be available, containing all three.

The 45 mm diameter of each of the three editions accommodates the famous movement SOLE, a flyback chronograph with a 72-hour power reserve. The bezel is sculpted in carbon ceramic, the same material used for Formula 1 brake discs.


The first version is inspired by the early years of Scuderia Ferrari and its glorious past. The exposed metal parts, the Peccary leather of the bucket seats and the brushed look of the dashboard are represented by the platinum case and the perforated and stitched strap.

The dial is reminiscent of the tachometers of yesteryear and the date window at 3 o'clock is highlighted in yellow. A very special look that recalls the Ferrari team's long tradition of car racing. The 90 units produced will be sold at EURO 40.400.


The 3D carbon used for the case of the second edition reflects the current Scuderia Ferrari. Today, the search for new composite materials and high technology dictate the law in sports driving. The strap is made of Nomex (flame retardant synthetic fiber used for the pilots' suits) where the red and black stitching create a surprising contrast. Its color code is black and red, the colors currently used by Scuderia Ferrari for its Formula 1 single-seaters. Each of the ninety pieces produced will be available at EURO 34.200.


The third model is immediately recognizable by the transparent sapphire case, an innovative and difficult to work material, which gives it a decidedly futuristic style.

It demonstrates the extreme sophistication towards which technology is oriented and the possibilities it offers for the future. A promise of innovations that will apply to both the automotive and watchmaking industries. The Kevlar strap adopts a very futuristic look. This version, the most expensive of the 3 editions, always produced in only 90 numbered copies, will cost EUR 68.000.

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