When it comes to charity auction Only watch, F.P. Journe it is always one of the highlights, not only for the name, but above all because it usually gives a truly unique, unprecedented and complex watch. For the 2019 edition of Only Watch, the brand has just announced an incredible and absolutely unique ultra-complex watch, a prototype: the F.P. Journe Astronomical Blue.

Visually, no big surprise, in fact, F.P. Journe it retains its classic “Only Watch” theme, which means tantalum case, a rare metal with a dark gray color and high density, an orange alligator strap and the blue chrome dial.

Considering the impressive number of complications included in this watch, the 44mm case is relatively large. This F.P. Journe astronomical blue is unique and was developed exclusively for Only Watch 2019, not only the dial and the case but also the entire movement and its multiple indications.

What is really interesting is the prototype of caliber "1619" enclosed in this protective tantalum case. This is clearly the most complex movement of journe by far, and probably one of the most complex movements recently made by the Swiss industry, with 18 complications. 

On the side of the dial, the F.P. Journe astronomical blue displays the time, sidereal time, a second time zone, a power reserve, a day / night indicator, moon phases, and sunrise and sunset indications. 

It's not the easiest watch to read, but it's still well organized. The classic blue chrome background with a guilloche silver dial is always a feast for the eyes.

The back of the F.P. Journe astronomical blue offers another impressive insight. It reveals a unique movement, which apparently shares almost nothing with the previous watch produced by the brand. Visible are a one-minute tourbillon with "Remontoir d'égalité" (constant force device), a double barrel, an annual calendar displayed on the periphery of the movement, an equation of time and some parts of the minute repeater. 

As is often the case with Journe, the striking mechanism is located on the dial and is based on specifically made flat hammers and gongs. This F.P. Journe Astronomic Blue is probably the precursor of a future large watch of very high complication that Journe will launch in the coming years.

This model is a unique piece developed exclusively for Only Watch 2019, with an estimated price of CHF 300.000 - CHF 600.000 but, expect to see this watch break a new record during the auction.