Also this year Breguet participates in Only Watch with what might be the most beautiful watch of the entire auction lot.

Although Breguet has historically been associated with delicate, high-end pocket watches and several revolutionary inventions in watchmaking, the Maison also reveals another aspect of its history: aviation. The name Breguet is also associated with an aircraft manufacturer, the Société d'Aviation Louis Breguet, a company founded by a descendant of Abraham-Louis Breguet

In addition, from 1918 onwards, Breguet provided several watches for theAmerican Air Force, chronographs with meters and speedometers, which could be worn by pilots or pinned to the plane's dashboard. The brand continued to provide increasingly sophisticated chronographs to various airlines and aircraft, but Breguet's main foray into aviation occurred in the early 1950s.

For the Ministry of Defence French Breguet designed a model that was quickly approved by the authorities called Breguet Type 20. Introduced as a pilot's watch equipped with a chronograph flyback, this timepiece known asType 20 The Type XX has evolved through three successive generations.

As mentioned, this watch is called "Type 20" (referring to military pieces) and not "Type XX" (referring instead to watches for civil use). Therefore, this exclusive Type 20 for Only Watch 2019 is a reissue of the military versions of this chronograph, which explains the design of the two-way, grooved here and unsized ring (the latter is mainly for civilian use).

For this piece, the main idea was "historical relevance". This watch is a perfectly identical re-version of the original model and as such respects its diameter with a 38.30 mm steel case. The caseback is also made of smooth steel, just like the original, as well as the layout of the dial and the design of all its elements remain faithful to the first Type 20 watches.

The color of the dial is inspired by the very rare civil and military models with a bronze dial. A notable difference with past military editions is breguet's dial, while the old models were not.

My he Breguet Type 20 Only Watch 2019 is not only faithful to the outside, it is also faithful inside, in fact under the dial a movement Valjoux 235 vintage, derived directly from the Valjoux 222 used in the 1950s. It allows this watch to maintain all proportions of the original.

This Breguet Type 20 "Revival" is a unique piece for Only Watch 2019. But we hope to see this watch marketed in the future as soon as possible.