Among the various unique watches made for Only Watch 2019, could not miss a multimillion-dollar watch, an extremely rare piece, the most complicated wristwatch of Patek always, the reference 6300, direct descendant of Grandmaster Chime, but with a stainless steel case and salmon-colored dial.

Only Watch 2019, Patek goes further, takes his most complex watch in the collection (price around 2.000.000 EURO) creates a unique salmon-colored dial and places it inside a steel case.

Il Patek Philippe 6300A, as mentioned above, is the direct descendant of the Grandmaster Chime presented for the 175th anniversary of the brand, but with a slightly less baroque case. The functions and the movement are, however, the same. The most complicated wristwatch ever created, with as many as 20 complications, including one Great Sonnerie a Petite sonnerie, the minute repeater, a time strike alarm, an unprecedented date repeater, multiple time zones, various calendar indications and many other indicators.

The movement, called Caliber 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM it is extremely complex, built on four different layers and made up of 1.366 parts. Despite the numerous complications, it is only 37mm in diameter and 10,7mm high, which is a real case study of miniaturization.

Considering the large number of complications, the Patek Philippe 6300A takes advantage of the reversible case introduced on the Grandmaster Chime, which allows you to see the two faces of the watch. The case is quite massive, at 47.7mm in diameter, however it is one of the most impressive modern watches we have seen.

The Patek Philippe 6300A, as indicated by the “A” in the reference, is made of stainless steel and combined with unique dials. The main facade, where the time is displayed, is an opal salmon color with a guilloché spiral motif in the center. The hands, as well as the applied Breguet numerals, are in blackened gold. The second side of the watch, dedicated to the perpetual calendar, is opaline black with gold hands.

The watch is worn on a black alligator strap with a steel buckle. Being a unique version of Patek's most modern and most complex collectible watch, it will undoubtedly reach a multi-million dollar price.