This year, Ulysse Nardin has closely linked the development of its concept watch with the cause supported by Only watch: research on neurodegenerative diseases, such as muscular dystrophy of duchenne.

A research group of EPFL (REHAssist), affiliated with the laboratories of Biorobotics and Engineering Translational Neural developed the world's best exoskeleton for people with neuro degenerative muscle disorders: Autonomy.

This plantar device, when worn, mimics the human skeleton and detects the intention of movement (flexion, extension and abduction of the legs), thus allowing the wearer to walk. Parallel to this development, to support the sale benefits Only Watch 2019, the Swiss Maison Ulysse Nardin designed the unique piece EXO-Skeleton

This skeletonized watch, which bares the entire gear system through a sapphire crystal, is complemented by a "exoskeleton”Formed by four flexible blades fixed in the center of the case to drastically improve the comfort of use. Skeleton in Watchmaking and Skeleton in Biorobotics share a goal: to advance research into muscular dystrophy by trying to offer greater autonomy until new therapies are available.

The piece by Ulysse Nardin for Only Watch is part of a proposal from about fifty watchmakers and is intended to raise funds for research against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Lo SKELETON, launched at YESHH as of January 2019, it has an armor that gives it a bionic look that accentuates its ergonomic design. Fixed by two screws, one on the case and the other on the lug, the double flexible blade allows perfect wearability on the wrist, generating mobility between the lug bar and the case.

The watch features a strap that is not integrated which is easily adjustable, accentuating its ergonomic features. This textile strap is reminiscent of the elastic strap of medical exoskeletons, designed for optimal grip on the wrist. The bezel is charcoal gray PVD, with splashes of orange Super-LumiNova on the indexes and hands to further enhance the charm of this timepiece. In place of the quadrant, a white structure positioned inside the rectangle evokes a molecular structure, an allusion to the medical purpose behind Only watch.

Presenting itself with a relatively small size of only 42 mm, the case of theEXO-SKELETON X perfectly matches the current trend with its lines and angles. Its geometry - an X formed by four of the index fingers positioned around a circumscribed rectangle in a circle - is a treat for the eyes.

Inside pulses clearly visible one of the greatest innovations of the FREAK VISION, the basis of the in-house caliber UN-371: a super-light balance wheel in silicon, extra-large, with inertial masses in nickel and stabilizing micro-vanes.