The expert watchmakers of Artisans de Genève, they could never have imagined the challenge that awaited them, when Rubens Barrichello, gave the idea for this exceptional project: to revisit his Rolex® Daytona®, giving the timepiece the style and some technical details typical of racing cars. Working together with the driver, they have created a series of highly sophisticated changes inspired by the world of high-level racing.

Reinterpreting the iconic movement Rolex® 4130 it was, as usual, a challenge for the whole team. Every detail, every element of the watch, is aimed at being a tribute to this exceptional driver, thus offering car and racing enthusiasts a once again unique customization! Thus, the rose gold version dedicated to the pilot was born: The Barrichello Gold.

La Barrichello Gold is the second interpretation of the Daytona skeleton that Artisans de Genève he achieved with Rubens Barrichello. The pilot is particularly passionate about the watchmaking and mechanics that are inherent in each timepiece. If one word were to be used only to fully reflect this personalization, it would be "technique". Reinterpret the Daytona® for this champion, taking up his codes and his inspirations, it was an extraordinary challenge. Each of the changes was a performance, a meeting between craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

“I've always had a soft spot for the Daytona® model and I wanted mine to be in my image and likeness. Thanks to Artisans de Genève, my watch is now incomparable, it has details that make it truly unique. Like a Formula 1 car, like my car. A different movement, exceptional curves, extraordinary technicality, I love it! Artisans de Genève has managed to accomplish a technical feat in which every element is perfectly executed, with the same attention to detail that is found in the automotive world. "

Starting with the dial, the engineers envisioned an asymmetrical layout that would be angled and skeletonized by hand. It is reminiscent of the automotive world. In search of simplicity, Rubens Barrichello wanted it to be opaque, a deep black that revealed every detail of the skeleton. A ceramic ring was made in the maison's workshops in Switzerland. It bears the inscription "Tachymeter" hand painted in white and red to give it a sporty character.

For the occasion, a new oscillating weight was also developed, taking inspiration from the shape of the hubcaps of Rubens Barrichello's car. Made from a single piece of 21 carat gold, it has been entirely machined and angled by hand, before receiving a treatment BLACK DLC.

The Barrichello has been entirely modified by hand. Beyond the movement, every detail has been thought of individually, to make it unique!

The counters have three red and white arrow-shaped hands entirely decorated by hand. For a perfect finish, the marking of the seconds counter has always been repainted by hand in red. The raw appearance and straight lines of “La Barrichello Gold” perfectly symbolize the racing world. Its monochromatic look, as well as some subtle touches of red, give it a timeless style.

Each piece of the movement has been completely reworked by the artisans and disassembled one by one with extreme precision and then skeletonized and angled by hand, a manual and innovative work that sublimates any craft of art. Nothing has been forgotten. Each screw, each wheel are completely finished by hand.

Finally, to develop a rubber bracelet that met Rubens Barrichello's expectations, it was necessary to work in contact with a specialist Rubber b, even if the specifications were apparently simple: it had to be strong, flexible and timeless. Each bracelet was entirely made in the Rubber B workshops (ideal partner for the type of project) in Switzerland, in real black and amber rubber which perfectly matches Rubens' favorite colors.

After the steel version, here is once again a work of art made in rose gold, always available in very few copies at the price yet to be defined.