The Blausee it is the meeting between expert craftsmen and a watch enthusiast who wanted at all costs that his watch would collect the essential values ​​of the traditions of haute horlogerie. The serenity and the desire to do gave birth to The Blausee, a real one back to basics: a skeletonized version of the Rolex Daytona manually wound.

Paying homage to classic watches and early Daytonas, with their manual winding, was a tremendous challenge to which those of Artisans de Genève they have not been able and wanted to give up. It took two years of research and development to create a barrel that could meet their expectations: the result was a caliber capable of having a power reserve of 72 hours.

Entirely made in their workshops, the ceramic bezel delicately recalls the colors of blausee, the name of one of the most beautiful and famous Swiss lakes. The dial is skeletonized and made entirely by hand before receiving a sandblasted finish that gives it this truly unique and intense black color.

Finally, the case highlights a combination of savoir-faire: satin horns, sandblasted back and polished corners. In addition, the original buttons have been replaced with "Striped“, A reference to the former Daytona.

“We wanted to reconnect with this precious gesture: manual winding. A ritual that leaves room for emotion, a unique moment that combines the vibration of the movement, the resonance of the barrel and the gear of the ratchet. " GIL. ARTISAN.

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