For some years the purchase of professional Rolex watches has become for many a sort of treasure hunt. Rolex Aficionados and watch lovers travel around the globe searching the most desired reference, only to realize that the globalized world has become very small indeed.

From the most wanted Cosmograph Daytona, we quickly passed to the limited availability of GMT-MASTER II, to arrive this year at the limited availability of the professional Rolex par excellence, the Rolex SUBMARINER. Introduced in 1953, the Rolex Submariner entered the history of watchmaking as the first watch to be water-resistant to 100 meters. Today, in addition to having reached a depth of 300 meters, it has become the traveling companion not only for lovers of the sea, but also a faithful companion in all circumstances.

In commercial terms, the Rolex Submariner has always been among the most requested and available models at dealers. It was and it is for many – together with the Datejust – the main entrance door to enter the Rolex universe.

Rolex 116610LN & 116610LV

Why will it go out of production?

The most attentive and active enthusiasts have noticed how from the release of the Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLRO (the famous ‘Pepsi’) with a redesigned case and equipped with the new Caliber 3285, Rolex has begun to distribute less and less Rolex GMT MASTER II ceramics. Talking about the classic GMT 116710LN / BLR, Rolex started to remove them from production with the introduction in 2019 of the new Rolex 126710BLNR.

Rolex 126710BLRO

Based on this assumption we could imagine that even the 116610LN / LV and the 114060 are destined to retire. The current Submariner presented in 2010 (116610LN) and 2012 (114060), continue to be the only sportsman watches equipped with the Caliber 3130 for 114060 and 3135, for the 116610LN / LV. This legendary movement was in some way the reason of the success of Rolex watches over the last 30 years, boasting great reliability and precision.

However, with the introduction in 2015 of the new Caliber 3255, Rolex has created a new and more advanced family of movements. The power reserve has in fact passed from 48 to 70 hours, while the precision parameters have been redefined with even smaller tolerances. This is due to the new Chronergy escapement which guarantees 15% more energy efficiency.

The “new” Caliber 3235

What will the next SUBMARINER be like?

The new SUBMARINER 126610 (?) will probably be equipped with the new Caliber 3235, already supplied with the new DATEJUST in production since 2017. Even the case will plausibly be redesigned to make it more tapered and less massive than the current references. This has already happened with the case of the DATEJUST and of the GMT MASTER II, not requested by most of the enthusiasts who regret the ergonomics and elegance of the old cases and lugs with four and five figures.

I am sure that Rolex will not disappoint this time either. The history of the Geneva manufacture is under the banner of constant evolution in terms of precision, design, but always maintaining a conservative line. Every new model created by Rolex has always proved to be contemporary and reliable in all circumstances. This is the key to Rolex’s success, and this is what we expect from the crown!