Art meets science, science meets watchmaking. The result is bold to say the least! This new timepiece from HYT it is based on the model H0, an elegant and deliberately reduced version of theH1. The case has been stripped down to the bare essentials, which means a bottom plate that holds a massive domed sapphire crystal. The case retains, as always, enormous proportions: 48.8 mm in diameter and 20 mm in height and made of brushed stainless steel.

As for the mechanics, the movement is the same as the models H0 e H1, which means a proprietary hand-wound base caliber. This movement developed with Chronode, has been designed to offer precision and power to fluidic indication. It runs at 28.800 vibrations / hour and offers 65 hours of power reserve. It is beautifully finished, with polished bevels and Geneva stripes.

The fluidic module is connected to the mechanism thanks to a "cam-follower system“, Capable of converting the rotation of the basic motion into a linear motion. This section of the watch consists of two bellows, which activate two immiscible fluids (one transparent and one black) in a capillary glass on a 12-hour basis to indicate the hours. The transparent liquid represents the past, the black fluid represents the future and the junction of these two indicates the present time. This fluid indication activates a retrograde indication. Once you reach the end of the tube, return to the zero position and start a new journey. Other indications are the seconds visible in the left eye and the power reserve in the right one.

For this HYT Soonow DropOne, the brand relies on its usual skull-shaped design. The tube is bent to create the outline of a skull while the opening above the bellows represents the mouth. The line under the capillary tube is carried out in Super-LumiNova with a green neon (to glow in the dark) and an orange neon that is used to trace the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth.

The most impressive part of this HYT Soonow DropOne it is, without a doubt, the quadrant itself. It is made of anodized titanium, colored purple-blue and decorated with no less than 937 perforations. This dial houses 313 18K yellow gold brooches, creating an architectural, almost contemporary and to say the least impressive work of art.

Il Soonow Drop One it is completed by a black rubber strap with a titanium folding clasp. The caseback shows the movement and "ONE OF FIVE”Imprinted on its surface. The new HYT Soonow DropOne it will be a limited edition of five pieces. The price will be around 79.000 Euros.