The idea of ​​this new challenge was born when Andrea Pirlo asked those of Artisans de Genève to revisit his model Rolex favorite, entrusting them with an extraordinary project. Realizing the dream of one of the greatest footballers of all time was no easy feat. By customizing his watch, they and the footballer created a skeletal version of his Rolex Submariner.

Andrea Pirlo he took care of every detail, because he wanted his watch to be truly unique. Artisans de Genève he designed every single modification and made every element in such a way that they could best reflect the refined style of the champion and the technicality of his football. The smallest detail has become an essential value.

Andrea Pirlo he chose a forged carbon bezel, a lightweight and durable material that gives his watch a modern appeal. The openwork dial and its pure lines reveal every detail of the skeletonized movement, while the rose gold indexes enhance the piece. Finally, the case presents an exclusive combination of know-how: it features polished bevels and cleverly combines brushed and satin-finished elements and sandblasted lugs. A delicate and distinctive work that provides contrast and luster to the watch.

These are the words of the player Andrea Pirlo: “I've always been passionate about watchmaking. Very early on, I started collecting watches. Through time and watches, I have learned to value and recognize the know-how and countless trades that lie behind each timepiece. I care about the details, especially the most refined and hidden ones, and I found this same passion of mine in the work of Artisans de Genève. What I like most about my watch is that it is unmatched, it resonates with me and my career. It's a work of art. "

Andrea Pirlo he wanted his watch movement to be skeletonized. It took more than 2 years of research and development and the most passionate artisans in all of Switzerland to carry out the modifications of the mythical movement 3130. Each component is completely disassembled, cut and beveled by hand. The result offers a new vision of the caliber 3130. As a final personal touch, the rotor is engraved with the words "The Master 1995-2017".