HYT can proudly boast of being the only brand that makes it possible today to display the time using fluids. With a brand philosophy different from the others, HYT wants us to understand time intuitively, as an inexorable, unstoppable flow. The brand, and its unusual mix of mechanical watchmaking and fluid technology, has come a long way since its debut in 2012.

Last year, HYT introduced a new movement, the caliber 501, revealing its fascinating complexity in a new transparent case known as the H5. This latest version of the H5 model in blue is a limited edition of 25 pieces that joins the existing two models H5 with green and black liquid. The color blue was chosen to spread the message that time is like a flowing river and does not stop for any man.

The representation of time with colored fluids is exclusive to HYT, two immiscible fluids inside a "capillary" made of glass, are operated by bellows. One liquid represents time elapsed, the other represents the future. The position in which they meet indicates the present time. The voluminous dimensions of the case, mainly made of sapphire crystal with important dimensions of 48.8 mm in diameter and 20.08 mm in height. The transparent coating is able to reveal every detail of the movement and by looking deeply, one can appreciate the multiple levels and contrasting textures of the architecture and movement displays.

Instead of making the blue liquid luminescent, the circular tube containing the liquid is illuminated from below by a rail of Super-LumiNova white running under the capillary. Thirteen indices - the 6 is duplicated - suspended from a gray metal flange just below the fluidic indication are used to indicate the passing hours. The two bellows at 6 o'clock, responsible for pushing the liquids around the capillary, stand out with their shimmering coils in contrast to the gunmetal gray bridge and the rest of the elements on the "dial" with their matt gray sandblasted finishes.

A touch of red at 3 o'clock is used to highlight the counterbalanced power reserve indicator at 9 o'clock with a small seconds counter. The minute counter at 12 o'clock features a black perforated hand with a luminescent tip. The major technical evolution of the 501 caliber resides in a complex shaped cam to precisely synchronize the hour and minute indications, which is one of the main technical challenges for HYT. Its 13 positions offer as many steps to cohesively index the two displays. The hand-wound movement operates at 4Hz and provides up to 65 hours of power reserve when fully charged. 

The watch is completed with a tapered gray perforated rubber strap to match the perforated patterns on the crown and a titanium folding clasp. Produced in a limited edition of just 25 pieces, the H5 with blue flowing hours has the same price as previous editions: 55.000 EUR.