The entire Perpetual Passion team is thrilled to announce the official launch of its new form of communication for all watchmaking enthusiasts in Italy, PERPETUAL RADIO. 

Perpetual Radio is the first podcast in Italy of a magazine linked to the world of watchmaking and will be available on all major streaming platforms: Speaker, YouTube e Spotify

On a weekly basis, this Podcast will be another means by which the team of Perpetual Passion will be able to share their opinions and discuss about the news of the sector. We will tell stories, anecdotes, we will deepen the articles published on the site and we will propose interviews to enthusiasts and professionals with the aim of providing you with different points of view and food for thought regarding the themes connected with watchmaking. 

The first episode is already available and deals with the following 3 main themes: 

Contact us in the comments if you have any stories, curiosities or themes that you would like to be covered in the next episodes. The Perpetual Passion team will get to work for you. 

Thanks to all of you who follow us constantly and encourage us to provide increasingly complete and innovative content.