Perpetual Radio is the first podcast in Italy of a magazine linked to the world of watchmaking and will be available on all major streaming platforms: SpeakerYouTubeSpotify e Soundcloud.

The last episode, the before PERPETUAL Radio, we broke up talking about the current market situation in light of the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of you have written to us to ask for further information not only on this issue, but also on the world of collecting in general. So, we decided to host from this episode, a friend of Perpetual Passion and a great professional in the sector: John Varese, Watch Specialist for the prestigious auction house Christie's and a great lover of watchmaking, and more ...

Together with Giovanni we talked about the evolution of collecting in recent years - in the last eight it has been at the head of the only auction house specializing in watchesi - with particular attention to international auctions and watches that have made the history of the watch market, such as the Rolex Daytona: from the Paul Newman to the recently produced 116500. As always, when I talk to Giovanni, I have the opportunity to learn something and broaden my vision on the sector and I think it will be the same for many of you.  

Now enjoy the Episode 2 by PERPETUAL Radio e write to us in the comments if you have any stories, curiosities or themes that you would like to be covered in the next episodes!