The relationship between man and watch is as multifaceted as that between man and dog. The best examples of these bonds last for years, even decades, shaping lives and histories. In some cases, it is both the owner who chooses the watch and the other way around. After all, whether it's the first or the hundredth time, the moment you look at "The right one"Is always special. The same happens with man's best friend.

THEHorological Machine N ° 10 "Bulldog”Has a compact, rounded case in titanium or red gold, combined with a generous amount of sapphire crystal. Two "eyesProminent aluminum time displays challenge anyone who dares to look at them. A studded collar with projections that allow you to wind the mainspring or set the time. "Legs”Sturdy yet flexible that securely wraps around the wrist. A huge jaw. And most importantly, a big heart that beats rhythmically at 2 Hz (5 A / h). Just as with the creature it is named after, appearances are not everything to the HM10 Bulldog.

Its hinged jaws open and close according to the residual energy in the mainspring: if the mouth is completely closed it means that "BulldogIs drained and ready for a nap. If the brightly aligned teeth on the jaws are clearly visible, the Bulldog is full of life, loaded with 45 hours of mainspring energy. This huge power reserve indication has been carefully designed and calibrated to consume the least amount of energy possible, thus allowing the HM10 Bulldog to allocate the imposing force of its mainspring exclusively to the suspended balance wheel and the rotating domes of the hours and minutes.

The hand-wound movement of the HM10 Bulldog was conceived and developed in-house, drawing on the best of the technical knowledge acquired by MB&F During the years; fans of the brand will recognize elements faithful to the most beloved creations of the watchmaking laboratory. The large suspended balance wheel, which floats slightly below the central sapphire crystal dome, was made possible by the various iterations of this mechanism in the collection Legacy Machine. The enormous mandibles that indicate the charge level of the mainspring are an amplified demonstration of the power reserve management developed for the first time in the LM 1 Xia Hang of 2014.

The thin aluminum domes are rooted in the HM 3 Frog and have been perfected in the HM 6 of 2014. Even the trellis motif of the "ribs”Below the balance wheel and in the queue of the cash register evokes the HM 8, HMX e HM 5, inspired by the automotive universe. Overall, the message is clear: HM10 Bulldog is a purebred specimen. Despite its immense personality (45 mm in diameter, 54 mm "from nose to tail"And with a maximum height of 24 mm), the HM10 Bulldog offers a surprising fit. The "legs”Connect it to the strap and allow the case to adhere comfortably to the wrist. The calfskin strap, as robust as a quality leash, is closed by a folding buckle or a Velcro system.

Available in titanium, or a combination of titanium and red gold, the HM10 Bulldog is assembled by summarizing the great experience acquired in the field of micro-mechanical engineering. A delicate balance of technical and aesthetic factors must be preserved in order to insert the elements necessary for measuring time and displaying the time into such a limited three-dimensional volume, while maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship and refinement. The creations MB&F have always attracted an extremely loyal audience and the HM10 Bulldog abundantly returns the favor: his loyalty is reserved exclusively to those who possess it. Both the time indication and the power reserve display are only visible from the wearer's point of view. One last piece of advice is engraved on the case for those who meet the Horological Machine N ° 10 "Bulldog”, As a warning you might find on the collar of a particularly feisty dog.

The beast might be intimidating, but it's not you who should be feared. In fact, the engraving reads "Forget the dog, beware of the owner", that is to say "Forget the dog, pay attention to the owner". MB&F Horological Machine N ° 10 "Bulldog"Is available in two launch editions: grade 5 titanium case with"eyes"Blue available at a price of around 105.000 EURO and, 18k red gold and titanium case with"eyes”Black at a price of around 120.000 EURO.

Maximilian Busser came up with the design while traveling in Japan: the idea of Horological Machine N ° 10 "Bulldog”Came to his mind as a faithful little dog would when he welcomes his master back home.

"What you see in front of you is more or less what I saw at that moment," said Büsser, "and it was the first time I really saw a watch in my mind."

La HM10 Bulldog it is a fusion of various motifs and influences MB&F that fans of the brand will recognize immediately. In a profoundly affirmative sense, the HM10 Bulldog is simultaneously a reflection of MB&F and an ode to the faithfulness of his followers. The saying "stubborn as a bulldog" goes hand in hand with the determination of MB&F in wanting to open a non-traditional passage outside of conventional watchmaking design, sometimes with creations that have divided the watchmaking community. Similarly, despite being a prestigious dog with an excellent pedigree, the British bulldog certainly does not aim to conquer the general public. The Latin root of the word "animal"Is soul, or"spirit": The element that gives life.

No wonder the creations MB&F inspired by the natural world, such as the Horological Machine N ° 3 "Frog" and the Horological Machine N ° 7 "Aquapod”Elicited some of the strongest reactions. There HM10 Bulldog it follows this evolutionary path with its large eyes, its expressively mobile mouth and its heart beating on sight.