As has already happened with Patek Philippe a few days ago, too Moser & Cie, H.has decided to give its customers the opportunity to buy its creations through an online sales platform, on the e-commerce page of its site.

Among the models available immediately, also the three new editions of Vantablack BLACK HANDS EDITION(photo above) with which Moser & Cie, H.celebrates the launch of this platform.

The three new models Vantablack BLACK HANDS EDITIONfor sale on the web are: the Venturer XL Concept 43 mm steel available a 24,000 Swiss francs or the Venturer Concept(photo above) in white gold from 39 mm to 25.000 CHF. To complete the trio, available at 69.000 CHF theEndeavor Tourbillon(photo below) 42 mm steel with coating DLC black, limited edition of 50 pieces. All three models are characterized by an absolute black dial, covered only by burnished hour and minute hands, with no logo or indices on its surface.

The Vantablack It is a material developed for the astrophysics industry and consists of carbon nanotubes 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, aligned next to each other and is resistant to shock and vibration, but is extremely delicate to handle. It is the second darkest known material, absorbent up to 99,965% radiation of the visible spectrum.

For those wishing to get closer to the world of Moser & Cie, H.on the online shop there is also a Heritage Centre Seconds a 13.900 CHF, a model inspired by watches that recall the history of the brand, from 1828 until today, and in particular to those that date back to the beginning of the 20th century. TheHeritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue(photo below) is a gorgeous rounded model with classic touches. Its steel case features tapered pines and a knurled crown.

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