Few haute horlogerie houses are able to devote the same attention to the female world as the male counterpart. Although many watches are unisex, you rarely see large advertising campaigns or articles in the specialized press reserved for openly feminine watches, with the exception of brands such as Bulgari or Cartier, whose success also derives from the appreciation of women and their love for jewelry. . 

Richard Mille, despite the philosophy of "Racing Machine on the wrist”And the constant inspiration from the purely male world of Formula 1, has been able to build over the years a vast range of women's watches by skilfully mixing mechanics, innovative materials and design without ever reaching the slightest compromise. Among the over 20 women's watches currently available among the different collections, do not expect to find quartz movements, but tourbillons, refined skeletons and cutting-edge materials ranging from ceramic, to gold, carbon and diamonds (obviously). 

The first model created for women by Richard was presented in 2005 and I recently had the opportunity to take a close look at the RM 037, or an evolution of it. Refinement, elegance and beauty are the main features of this watch. I never expected to find such a balance of shapes, materials and colors in front of me. 

Bezel and case back are made of ATZ white ceramic (Alumina Toughened Zirconia oxyde), an extremely hard, biocompatible and unscratchable ceramic material; while the watch case is in 5N red gold as well as the integrated bracelet. The gold dial (yes, the RM 037 has a dial positioned in the center of the movement that echoes the lines of the case) is made up of two main elements, one thin red jasper sheet e two rows of small diamonds which balance very well the absorption and reflection of light, thus allowing to obtain elegant shades of colors with the movement of the wrist. The gold hour and minute hands are meticulously worked, as can be seen from the alternation of polished and non-polished finishes between the profiles and the inner part of the hands themselves. 

Inside the case beats a heart of high engineering. The automatic movement CRMA1 with variable geometry skeletonized red gold rotor, hours, minutes, function selector (at 3 o'clock) and date (visible at 12 o'clock) is made entirely by Richard Mille and ensures 50 hours of power reserve. Like any self-respecting Richard Mille, this movement is also skeletonized and excellently finished through Tytalit treatments, PVD and anglage finishes, but the presence of the small dial, which still allows a glimpse of bridges and kinematics on its sides, does not fully show this characteristic. By turning the watch, the sapphire crystal placed on the caseback allows the movement to be admired in all its technique. 

An important note is the presence of the solid solid gold bracelet integrated that alternates light and satin finishes. Only some Richard Mille for Women can boast this feature, but do not worry girls, you can ask the boutique to have a leather or rubber strap fitted to you in the many colors available. 

La Tonneau case is narrowed to 34.40 mm and lowered down to 13.00 mm to ensure that the watch can be worn by thinner wrists while maintaining a certain importance. It certainly does not go unnoticed. Don't be fooled by the 52.63 mm distance between the lugs, the curvature of the case allows for high comfort and incredible adaptability. Once you have adjusted the bracelet, it will seem that the watch was designed especially for you. 

The RM 037 in ceramic and gold really left me speechless. It is a watch that does not give up valuable details of more or less impact without ever being vulgar or excessive. Diamonds are balanced, warm colors go very well with the skin. On the wrist it enhances and enhances the lucky one who wears it, guaranteeing elegance and style, completely differentiating itself from conventionality. It is a truly beautiful watch, regardless of one's personal taste, and excellently executed. The price is important, around 115 euros excluding VAT, but the contents and exclusives are all there. 

Girls, stand out, try such unconventional items and fall in love with them. If you can, buy them, show your personality, your character and your desire to stand out. I'm sure you will be delighted!