If life were merely a series of photo finishes, a stopwatch would suffice. But it isn’t. Life is a stream of individual experiences, each one heightened by the impact of what went before it and the potential of what’s to come.

The latest H0 timepiece by HYT is an invitation to reflect deeply on one’s own perception of time. It provides an enigmatic black canvas to visualize and honor the flow of existence. The authenticating signature is the content of the wearer’s life. This new member of the h0 family uses the power of monochrome to present a distraction-free view of fluidic time.

HYT challenges the horological convention of affording midnight and midday artificial importance. Instead, a focus on the hour of six o’clock encourages contemplation of alternative turning points in the day. Wearers are also inspired to reflect on the importance they personally attribute to darkness and light. Mirroring the outline of the sun, orange super-luminova®, underneath the capillary, charts time’s flow.

Perpetual motion is the story of everyone’s lives. Its milestones are in human hands, even in the most restrictive circumstances. Purity is the mantra of the all-black H0 in design terms this is expressed by its domed, sapphire crystal, which instantly facilitates different perspectives on the passage of time. The watch’s mission, to attract rather than distract, is echoed by the seclusion of the bellows behind smoky grey glass. Any visual punctuation of the monochromatic whole is carefully considered, down to the finest detail, from the super-luminova® touches on the flange numbers and hands, to the ultra-fine markers on the dial. time is continually on the move. This timepiece refuses to do anything that may stand in the way of this energizing flow called LIFE.

The new calibre 501 retains the same logic as before but improves the way the two parts of the movement, the timekeeping area and the display module, interact to improve the precision of the indication. The base is a proprietary movement, developed and manufactured in collaboration with TEC Group and Eric Coudray. The movement runs at 4Hz and stores up to 65h of power reserve; there is a power reserve gauge visible on the upper half of the watch. Its role is to provide energy and precision. The second part is the fluidic module, composed of two bellows, which actuates the immiscible liquids in a glass capillary tube. The complex and new part of this movement is the connection between the modules – how to transform the circular motion of a standard movement into a linear display. For that, the Calibre 501 features an intricately shaped cam-follower system to synchronize the hour and minute indications with precision. Its 13 positions offer as many steps to cohesively index the two displays. The cam works in conjunction with a long, curved feeler-spindle enabling the orchestration of the mechanism. The price will be 43.000 CHF.