Seiko continues to enrich the Presage line and today presents three new Prestige creations that highlight the different forms of Japanese aesthetic and artisan expression.

The first watch Seiko Presage of the line Prestige mount the 6L35 caliber with manual charging option and a power reserve of more than 45 hours. The steel case with scratch-proof coating measures 39.5 mm and houses a dial with an intense and deep black shade, made with lacquer War. This black enamel is a derivative of the sap of the Japanese lacquer tree and for centuries has been used to decorate and protect from corrosion many metal objects, from samurai armor to everyday items such as tea kettles.

It takes skill, experience, intuitive intelligence and patience to complete all the steps of this intricate and long craft process: the first layer of lacquer War it is applied by hand with a brush and finely laid out on the metal base of the dial; when the layer is dry, the dial is polished with charcoal of Suruga. This process is repeated three times to prepare the surface to the next layers of lacquer, applied until the exact intensity of black desired by the master lacquer craftsman is reached Isshu Tamura, historical collaborator of Seiko and one of the few custodians of this ancient and traditional technique. The effect is subtle and at the same time of great impact.

This timepiece also offers an interesting parallel to the first wristwatch made in Japan, the Laurel, created by Seiko in 1913. The Arabic hour markers have the same vintage and graceful font as the 1913 model. In addition, both timepieces are characterized by the detail of the number 12 that stands out on the dial. While in laurel the 12 is of a particular bright red color, in the Presage it was made in a warm golden shade, using the ancient technique Maki-e.

The 12 is first coated with a layer of lacquer War which acts as a glue for the fine, golden powder that is applied below. Once the dust is on the dial, the master Tamura the tap gently to make it even on the surface. The result is a numerical indicator with a grainy and sparkling structure in contrast to the smooth appearance of the dial on which it stands out.

It is the result of meticulous work that takes several weeks and for which the master Tamura specially manufactures his brushes using bamboo stems from the mountains of Kanazawa. The dial exposes the functions 3 spheres and window date to three o'clock. Glass is sapphire. The black crocodile leather strap with déployante closure and release button completes the timepiece. The price of the new Seiko Presage Prestige, with Urushi lacquer dial decorated with the Maki-e technique, reference SJE081J1 is 3,900 EUROS.

The other timepieces of the new line Presage Prestige are two novelties of the collection that Seiko he realizes in collaboration with the historical collaborators of the master Riki Watanabe, pioneer of contemporary Japanese design and of which these two models have inherited the creative imprint. The design is in fact inspired by the wall clock"RIKI STEEL CLOCK", one of the most important legacies of Riki Watanabe, and respects the philosophy and unmistakable style of the master, based on maximum simplicity and legibility. Free from excess decoration both on the dial and on the case, it has a linear and modern style, which gives these timepieces a timeless allure.

Both mount the caliber 6R35 automatic charge with manual charging option and a power reserve of more than 70 hours. The 39.9 mm steel case contains an elegant enamel dial with a simple and modern look, available in two colors, white and brown. Each dial requires a specific process of enamel application, which is achieved only thanks to the skill and sensitivity of master craftsman Mitsuru Yokosawa, another historical collaborator of the watchmaker. Thanks to this particular enamel, the dials take on a unique shine and warmth, and a deep and natural charm that reflects Japanese beauty together with a very high level of craftsmanship.

The dials show the hours, minutes, seconds, and window date functions at three o'clock. The anti-glare-rounded sapphire glass completes the timepiece. The strap is made of horse leather available in black for the white dial, or brown for the brown dial version, closed by a déployante buckle with release button. The price of the Seiko Presage Prestige, with reference enamel dial SPB113J1/SPB115J1 is 1,200 EUROS.