If I had to define this week's episode with a noun, I would say PASSION. And Perpetual Passion is the right place to express it, but above all to be able to share it. This week 's guest is Eugene Amos founder of Automobili Amos and father of the new Lancia Delta Futurista. Pilot, collector, designer and entrepreneur, he is a man who lives on passions, just like us!

During the episode we talked about his eclectic collection of cars ranging from Ferrari 275 GTB with original black plate from Modena, to Mercedes-Benz CLK GTRl - one of just 25 - up to his creature, the Lancia Delta Futurista.

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I chose the Delta because it is the car that made me fall in love with cars. I was 7 years old: my father had a beautiful broom-yellow one. I don't know why, but it made me feel special. Those memories are made of smells, of the soft touch of Alcantara, of confused sounds. This I look for in a car. This I offer. I offer what I like. Even if it is an end in itself or apparently useless".

Obviously, we could not fail to talk about our common passion, that for watches. In this world, too, Eugenio proved to be gifted with taste and inspiration. He showed us some of the timepieces in his collection that he is most attached to and others that won him over for their charm and craftsmanship.

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The chat with Eugenio was just a nice chat between friends, between fans. This kind of encounters, of moments, bring me back to because I gave life to Perpetual Passion: to share, to create a community united by the Passion. In our case for the watchmaking, but it is true that among us maniacs of the hands, many are just as much for the engines!

Now enjoy PerpetualRADIO Episode 6, this time also available on YouTube as a video interview, with the hope that these emotions can reach you too!