In addition to this year's blue news, Montblanc. also presents two new models of the 1858 inspired by the legacy of Minerva. These new watches feature a vintage aesthetic with new colorful dials, case elements made of a special bronze alloy, straps NATO handmade and unique complications.

Directly rooted in the Spirit of Mountain Exploration, the watches Montblanc 1858 they combine the return to the trend of nature with vintage design codes reminiscent of chronographs and pocket watches Minerva originals of the years 20s and 30s.

In the spirit of mountain exploration, the 2458 automatic 24H presents a new complication with the indication 24H through a single hand that allows the watch to be used both as a timepiece, to read hours and minutes, and as a compass.

The watch indicates the time on a 24-hour scale using a red colored hand coated in SuperLumiNova® for better readability both day and night. This red-tipped hand not only indicates the time but also serves as a compass. For accuracy purposes, the compass scale is displayed in a beige-colored ring that runs around the outside of the dial, with markers for approximately each and includes the cardinal points in red.

But let's see how it works: the Earth revolves around the Sun every 24 hours, which explains why a watch with a 24-hour display is a much more useful tool for finding your way and makes the compass much easier to use. The sun always rises in the east and always sets in the west and will point south at noon. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you need to set the clock at the right time by simply holding the clock horizontally to the ground and turning it until the end of the hour hand points towards the sun. In this way, all the cardinal points on the quadrant will be aligned correctly. The north is at 24h and the south at 12h. If you are in the southern hemisphere, you must consider that the cardinal points are reversed.

Particular attention was paid to the black dial with its northern hemisphere map and 24 meridians made from luminescent material. The elements with coating SuperLumiNova® are slightly visible during the day, while at night the numerals, indexes and 24 hour hand take on a mysterious glow, making the watch truly distinctive.

The automatic watch comes with a new two-tone 42mm stainless steel case and a bezel made of a special bronze alloy, which gives it a vintage aesthetic. The watch is completed by a special engraving "Spirit of Mountain Exploration”On the back of the case. The 1858 Automatic 24H comes with a strap NATO handcrafted black, crafted on a traditional 150 year old strap in France.