Il A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk is certainly one of the most iconic and revolutionary watches of the Glashütte fashion house. Introduced in 2008, the Zeitwerk was a real 'Game Changer': an example with a minimal appearance with mechanical indication of the jumping digits, balanced by a complex movement, equipped with a constant force escapement.

After 12 years, during which some variations were introduced such as the Zeitwerk "Luminous" and the Minute Repeater of 2015 - just to name a few - today it is offered in a limited edition of 30 pieces in white gold with a blue dial intense and minute repeater.

What differentiates this version from the previous one? Let's start with the quadrant. Unlike the first version, the dial is deep blue color in silver massive, which certainly makes it desirable given the high demand for blue dials in recent years and gives the watch a subtle charm that sets watches apart A. Lange & Söhne. Warming up the Zeitwerk is the material chosen for the 44,2mm case, or rather theWhite gold.

When we talk about A. Lange & Söhne it would be a real shame not to dwell on the technique. The great simplicity and intuitiveness of the displayed functions hide a series of details and mechanical devices that make a Lange watch something special.

Let's start from the fundamental principle of this watch:

"You hear what you see and you see what you hear "

Unlike common minute repeaters, the Zeitwerk is a decimal repeater. Which means it will sound indicating hours, tens of minutes and minutes. This type of minute repeater, technically difficult to achieve, makes the visual and audible indication of the time even easier.

As soon as the alarm is activated by pressing the button at 10 o'clock, the acoustic sound indicates the exact time indicated on the dial. At 7.52 in the morning, for example, the left hammer beats low tone seven times at the end of each hour. He then beats a double tone five times for ten minutes completed, and finally the right hammer beats the individual minutes via two high tones. In this video on our YouTube channel you can concretely observe how it works:

Let's analyze some of the technical solutions contained within the In-house caliber L043.5, which make it Zeitwerk Minute Repeater a masterpiece of mechanics.

Let's see how the The mechanism of jumping digits. With a slight and imperceptible click lThe minute indicator goes from one minute to the next in a small fraction of a second, until the great 'leap' to the next hour made by the three discs below the dial. The large amount of energy required by this last operation is supported by a particular barrel inside which a sturdy winding spring is placed. Equally important is to ensure a controlled deceleration of the rapidly accelerated discs, to prevent the movement from being damaged. This is ensured by a mechanism that absorbs excess energy after each advancement process.

Peculiarities of all the models of the family Zeitwerk also for this Zeitwerk Minute Repeater is the Tensioner mechanism, which is a constant force escapement mounted between the barrel and the balance wheel. This patented solution by Lange performs two important functions: firstly that of providing for distribute the energy necessary for the advancement of the discs. Think of the passage between one hour and another where the 'jump' of three discs, this operation involves a greater amount of energy.

In addition, it provides for provide constant impulses to the balance wheel for the entire operation of the watch, contributing to greater running accuracy and ensuring that it is powered by the same amount of force for the entire power reserve, from the first to the last remaining day.

The constant force escapement of the Zeitwerk generates a large amount of energy which is only partially absorbed by the tensioner mechanism. This surplus of energy will then be used for the operation of the minute repeater. 

The minute repeater is made pleasant not only by the harmonious sound of the gongs carefully tuned by hand, but also by the superb mirror finish of the hammers. Since an advance process during repetition could generate mechanical conflicts, with the alarm activated the digit discs advance only after the repeat process, which lasts up to 20 seconds, has been completed. The delay also ensures that the beep and digitally displayed time always match.

The power reserve indicator indicates both the at the same time remaining charge for watch operation than that necessary to activate the minute repeater so that the watch does not accidentally freeze during the alarm. The crown cannot be pulled out while the alarm is playing.

Il A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater REF. 147.028F  it is a limited edition of 30 pieces and is available exclusively in white gold with a hand-stitched blue leather strap. The recommended price for the Italian market is € 449.000