ZENITH EXPLORE A NEW CHROMATIC SPECTRUM WITH THE FIRST CHRONOGRAPH MOVEMENT IN PURPLE COLOR: THIS IS THE BIRTH OF THE NEW DEFY 21 ULTRAVIOLET. If we consider all the colors perceived by our eyes as frequencies of visible light, violet has the highest frequency ever, beyond which invisible ultraviolet light is reached. That's why it seemed natural to combine this intense and energetic color with DEFY21, the chronograph with the highest frequency regularly in production.

In past centuries, purple was a coveted color, as well as the most sought-after dye for clothing, the production of which was a jealously guarded secret by some civilizations, such as the Phoenicians. Its rarity and irresistible beauty made it a color loved by rulers. Today the various shades of purple symbolize audacity, confidence and extravagance in all sectors, from sports cars to bespoke tailoring. Yet, in the world of watchmaking, purple remains a rarity.

For the first time in the world of watchmaking, Zenith has exclusively created an automatic chronograph movement in the royal and sumptuous shade of purple. This is not just any chronograph: Zenith has in fact chosen Primero 21, its revolutionary chronograph caliber with 1 / 100th of a second reading accuracy that oscillates at the incredible frequency of 50 Hz, as the starting point for this creation with extraordinary visual and mechanical attributes.

Visible through the open dial, featuring three gray chronograph counters and a gray middle ring, the vibrant purple movement is enhanced by the DEFY 21's extraordinarily avant-garde design and conception, with open and “angular” bridges. Characterized by a white tip, the central hand of the chronograph with a reading accuracy of 1 / 100th of a second makes a complete revolution of the dial in the space of one second. In addition to the 50th anniversary edition of the DEFY 21 El Primero, available exclusively in a special set with two other watches, the DEFY 21 Ultraviolet it is the very first DEFY 21 model with an open dial combined with closed chronograph counters.

The 44 mm faceted case of the DEFY it definitely enhances the purple bridges of the movement creating a striking contrast, and features a fully sandblasted matte finish, which emphasizes more the darker metallic shades of titanium. The shades of the open movement, which vary from the brightest purple to an algid purple color, are complemented by the black rubber strap with a purple insert, which reproduces the effect of a woven fabric.