When two geniuses of haute horlogerie,Edouard Meylan (Moser & Cie, H.) is Maximilian Büsser (MB&F) come together to create a timepiece in collaboration, of course the result will be very special.

Moser & Cie, H. and MB&F are two independent Swiss companies on a human scale, managed by two passionate personalities as well as long-standing acquaintances, who appreciate and respect each other both personally and professionally. The two brands have been collaborating for more than a decade with Precision Engineering AG, a partner of H. Moser & Cie,which, in particular, supplies MB&F with its spirals. It is therefore not surprising that MB&F has asked Edouard Meylan to participate as a "friend" of the brand in the creation of an exemplar of performance art. Another aspect of this cooperation lies in its reciprocity.

Maximilian Büsser says: "When I called Edouard to tell him That I wanted to collaborate on a creation, I mentioned that I really liked the smoked Moser dials, the double spiral and the Concept watch series. Edouard immediately told me that he would allow me to borrow these elements on condition that he could reinterpret one of my "machines". After the initial surprise, I thought about it. Being half Indian and half Swiss, I firmly believe that dna mixing delivers interesting results; then why not try the experiment in watchmaking? I therefore accepted and suggested the FlyingT model that is particularly dear to me".

Animated not only by a spirit of sharing and transparency but also by the desire to cultivate the concept of the union that makes strength, Moser & Cie, H. is MB&F they have therefore created two models together, available in different variants and offered in limited series of 15 pieces. The number 15 refers to 15° anniversary of MB&F and pays homage to the 15° anniversary of the relaunch of H. Moser & Cie. By combining their skills, these two brands, competitors and friends at the same time, work to coordinate and combine the strengths of talented artisans, in total harmony with the philosophy of MB&F.

From this extraordinary and unprecedented collaboration, therefore, 2 different co-signature creations are born, two interesting types of cross-hybridization watchmaker that bring together their skills. The first born from this joint Ventureit's the new Moser & Cie, H. x MB&F Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon.

Moser & Cie, H. borrowed from MB&F the concept of three-dimensional movements: a distinctive feature of the Genevan House's identity protected by a sapphire glass dome and equipped with a one-minute flying tourbillon that rises above the main dial through a ventricular opening at 12 o'clock. Using the expertise of its sister company Precision Engineering AG, Moser & Cie, H. equipped the tourbillon with a cylindrical spiral, the same as the one Precision Engineering AG had already developed for MB&F's LM Thunderdome.

Invented in the 18th century, the cylindrical spiral resembles the shape of a worm or corkscrew, rising perpendicularly around the upper part of the barbell axis. Generally used in the marine chronometers of the time, it develops concentrically, and therefore geometrically, since it works perfectly along the axis of its breasts. This gives it a significant advantage over the flat spiral, the ends of which tend to exert a force on the sie sines, despite the presence of the terminal curves Philips The Breguet specifically developed to fully correct the non-concentric opening of the spiral. Equipped with a Breguet spiral on both attachment points, the cylindrical spiral reduces the friction of the mains greatly improving isochronism. Due to its particular shape, this cylindrical spiral is much more difficult to produce and making one takes ten times longer than a traditional spiral. 

Another reference to the identity of MB&F rlies in the inclined quadrants that Moser & Cie, H. employed for the small dials of the hours and minutes. Their 40° tilt means that the only one to whom the watch reveals the secret of time is its owner. In addition, they are mounted on a conical gear that ensures optimal transmission of torque from one plane to another.

As he explains Edouard Meylan: "We moserized the MB&F universe by developing a smaller sapphire glass dial that blends with the rest highlighting the beauty of our smoked dials. And to preserve the purity and elegance of this authentic watchmaking work of art, we engraved our logo like a watermark on the small sapphire glass dial, thus emphasizing the personal character and intimate relationship that binds it to its owner".

Proposed in five different versions, the model Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon H. Moser x MB&F it is equipped with a steel case surmounted by a dial worked with a smoked effect, available in the color Funky Blue, Cosmic Green, Burgundy, Off-White The Ice Blue, at the price of 79,000 Swiss francs.