If we had already introduced the new Tag Heuer Connected on these pages thanks to the diligent piece of Domenico Sposato, we could not say that we had tried it on the field. And here we are talking about the golf course, because the best of the Connected collection is the Golf Edition.

A champion of technology, tested for us by a champion of golfing technique like Edward Molinari, which hosted us on the spectacular scenery of Royal Park I Roveri in Turin, where he manages the Academy that bears his name, one of the most qualified golf schools in Italy.

If observing Edoardo's swing closely can distract from any other contemplation, it was interesting to see the Connected Golf to the test. Molinari underlined the lightness on the wrist (weighing only 86 grams, thanks to the 45mm grade 2 titanium case, ceramic bezel and rubber strap) and theefficiency as an aid to play, starting from 18 holes indicated on the bezel. In fact, it is very intuitive to move through the path thanks to the dedicated app - and developed internally by a team of experts led by Chief Stratetgy and Tag Heuer Digital Offcier Frederic arnault - with the handy winding crown that acts as a gamepad, observing the exact distances that separate our ball from obstacles and hole.

Dodo just performed a drive at 1 that sent the hands of our mechanical watches back a few hours, but the Golf Edition is immediately ready to indicate the exact position of the ball - in the fareway center - thanks to the compass, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Ryder's champion uses it to pick the next iron and attack the green for a seemingly agile birdie. Molinari knows the field designed by Trent Jones Sr. as his own backyard, but the interactive maps of the Golf Edition - of exceptional graphic rendering already on the watch face thanks to the OLED display, although they can also be consulted on the smartphone - remain a very useful tool to have exact knowledge of what the player is waiting for. The software, constantly updated, has almost all the official routes on the planet.

But for sports watch lovers, a final mention goes to the hardware, or rather to the timepiece itself. Almost as beautiful as a Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph, from which it takes its case and interactive dials, it gives a pleasant multimedia touch without losing its exquisitely mechanical expressive genius, while the chromatic references dedicated to golf, such as the contrasting green stitching, make it immediately identifiable. . An object that can make the connoisseur of beautiful watchmaking clumsy on apps play and win as a couple with the connected technology expert a little nerd in the choice of accessories.

Even the price - of 2.400 euros - is correct and certainly welcome for the average golfer, who spends the same amount on clubs torn apart during a normal season of swearing.