MCH is creating a new concept for a global platform for the watch, jewelry and gemstone industry: HOUR UNIVERSE. A platform that will be born to listen, analyze, identify and create. Something unique and innovative to meet today's needs. To unite and support an entire community that wants to regroup, start over and is receptive to change.

Open, modern, experimental, inclusive, easy to use, interconnected, MCH teams have put all their experience, feedback and input from customers and other interested parties into bringing a new platform concept to life. Live and virtual, active all year round, benefiting from the latest technologies for content and networking, the new platform is dedicated to players in the watchmaking, jewelery and precious stones sector, but not exclusively.

The new concept is a meeting point that places the customer at the center of his attention, reversing the order of the past. The entire platform is conceived and designed around the customer. This applies to all players in the distribution chain, traditional and online retailers, including those of the OCP (second-hand certificates). Working alongside them, the platform will build an extended ecosystem with watch, jewelry and gemstone brands, developers of new distribution, marketing and point-of-sale solutions, and other industry players. A global, diverse, interconnected, unified world.

HOUR UNIVERSE, the platform will be digitally active throughout the year and will host an annual live show. A community platform that builds bridges between buyers and sellers and all the industry players, it is also a place that encourages exchanges, information sharing, content creation, reflection through talks and conferences that also provide visibility to brands and their products. 

In April 2021, the community will meet in Basel, Switzerland. The show will be aligned with watchmaking events in Geneva, in the best interest of the international community which will only have to travel to Switzerland once a year. The show will strengthen contacts thanks to new tools, content creation, a maximum of Touch & Feel experiences, as well as moments of conviviality, networking and fully integrated events. Along with this new customer-oriented approach, a new concept of competitive hospitality will also be an integral part of the proposed packages and the associated actors of Basel life will not be exempt from this involvement.

The detailed concept of HOUR UNIVERSE will be presented at the end of August to coincide with the start of marketing.