We said it, 2020 would be the year of the Submariner revolution and, despite the COVID-19 trying to upset Rolex's plans, expectations have been fully met. From 1 September 2020, in fact, the old range of Submariners will go out of production, giving way to the new one which brings with it various changes. As it has accustomed us to do by now, Rolex innovations never distort the design and essence of the watch but constantly improve and refine it. 

I refer toarticle by Matteo Bega to find out what the technical innovations have been introduced, while in this article we will review the entire new Rolex Submariner collection by dividing it by material and pointing out the differences with the previous configurations. 


There are two references and three possible configurations for the new Submariner in Oystersteel steel.
As for the No-Date model, the reference 124060 takes the place of the previous 114060 and maintains only the presence of a black dial and bezel. The selling price increases by 200 euros and is positioned at 7'750 euros.

The Date model, on the other hand, passes from reference 116610 to 126610, retaining the LN (Lunette Noir) or LV (Lunette Vert) versions for the bezels but imposing only one choice for the dial, in black. The List price also increases in this case by 200 euros, going from 8'550 € to 8'750 € for the reference 126610LN and from 8'950 € to 9'150 € for the 126610LN. 


The versions in Oystersteel and yellow gold, called Rolesor, remain perfectly consistent with the previous ones. In fact, it will be possible to buy the reference 126613LB with a sunray finish dial and blue bezel or the 126613LN with a black dial and bezel. The selling price, also in this case, increases by € 200 and goes from € 13'500 to € 13'700 for both configurations.


As far as the yellow gold versions are concerned, the same considerations made for the bi-material versions apply. The available configurations, in fact, are identical to those we already know, i.e. sunray finished dial and blue bezel for the reference 126618LB or black dial and bezel for the 126618LN.

The price increase, on the other hand, is decidedly more consistent on this material and is equal to € 1200. This goes from € 34 for the reference 200LN / LB to € 116618 for the 35LN / LB. 


The other real innovation in terms of configuration introduced in the new Submariner collection concerns the model in white gold, called in jargon "smurf" due to the shade of blue used for the bezel and dial together with the opacity of the dial itself.

The new reference 126619LB maintains the blue bezel that has always distinguished this version but introduces the black dial already present on other references. The increase in the list price is consistent with what has been seen for the yellow gold versions and goes from € 36 for the reference 800LB to € 116619 for the new 38LB.