A new carbon fiber robe for the DEFY Classic, with integrated bracelet, also made of carbon – an absolute novelty for an automatic watch.

easier. Bolder. More innovative.

Carbon fiber is appreciated for its rare mix of lightness and resistance, but also for its gritty and futuristic look. However, until now its use in watchmaking art has been rather limited, especially for a particular component: the bracelet. The carbon bracelets of the watches were actually made with composite plates fixed on the surface of a metal base, or were in any case reserved for a few watches with great complications produced in extremely limited series. With the DEFY Classic Carbon, Zenith offers an automatic watch an ergonomic bracelet entirely made of carbon: an unprecedented technical prowess and a bold affirmation of style.

To produce an all-carbon fiber bracelet, the Manufacture has faced a number of completely new technical challenges. Precisely because of the complexity of producing an all-carbon bracelet, a maximum of 100 zenith defy classic carbons are produced each year. It is indeed a continuous limited production. With a total weight of just 65 grams, the carbon bracelet and titanium buckle, the DEFY Classic Carbon sets a new precision standard for Zenith, which goes beyond movement.

In relative terms, it weighs almost half of a titanium equivalent DEFY Classic model with the same metal bracelet, which in itself is much lighter than traditional metals such as stainless steel and gold. Her charming shaded look presaies an incredibly smooth and velvety feel to the touch. Thanks to its light and balanced weight, you almost do not realize that you have it on your wrist. For those who prefer the contrast between the carbon fiber case and the strap, the DEFY Classic Carbon is also available with a black rubber strap with a "Cordura" effect, with a carbon and titanium déployante buckle.
Price with steel bracelet 19,600 EURO and with cordura effect rubber strap 11,700 EUROS.