Geneva is a magical place for all of us watch lovers. A city at walking pace, which allows you to stop at the Patek Philippe museum at a distance of a few kilometers from each other, for example, to visit the best manufacturers in the world - if you are lucky - and go shopping among the numerous boutiques scattered along Rue du Rhône, and more.

Thanks to a weekend in Geneva full of events, I took the opportunity to visit a friend, a great enthusiast, who in the heart of Geneva, in Place du Molard, has created a real paradise for the most demanding and sophisticated collector. He is Bilal Khan and together with his brothers - Shahzaib, Shoaib - he founded Salon des Horlogers, a real living room, where customers can admire and try unique pieces, often in the true sense of the word, created by the best independent watchmakers. To name a few Laurent Ferrier, De Bethune, Ludovic Ballouard, Romain Gauthier, Vianney Halter, Voutilainen, Andersen Geneve, Raul Pagès and David Candaux.

During my visit, what really impressed me in talking to Bilal is the extreme care in the choice of watches and the attention to his customers who, if they so wish, can enjoy an almost direct relationship with the same Masters. watchmakers, among the best in the firmament of haute horlogerie, who can even - in some cases - create "made to measure" editions ...

Although the specimens produced by these independent "micro brands" are in very limited quantities, at Salon des Horlogers I had the privilege of touching some of the watchmaking masterpieces of this century. I was able to take photos only for some, while for others it was possible because they are unique pieces, commissioned by very, very important clients.

ROMAIN GAUTHIER - Logical One Platinum

This is probably one of my favorite watches. Movement design and technical innovation travel in unison, defining new aesthetic and technical standards. In fact, its creator Romain Gauthier has been awarded prestigious awards for his Logical One. Looking to the side of the small dial at 12 o'clock, you'll notice the revolutionary ruby ​​link chain that minimizes friction, along with a spiral cam and sapphire-coated spring barrel to deliver nearly two days of constant force: the holy grail of precision watchmaking.

Its multi-patented internal movement, beautifully finished by hand, can be appreciated from the side of the dial and through the visible caseback. Hours, minutes, small seconds and a 46-hour power reserve indicator on the back make up the displays of this timepiece, an example of fine, elegant, high-precision Swiss watchmaking.

The sample tested is the Platinum version, limited edition to only 20 pieces, it is the model that in 2013 received the award for the best complication of a men's watch by the jury of the 2013 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève, the Oscars watchmaking.

LAURENT FERRIER - Vertical Satin Stainless Steel Automn Dial

Representing a subtle blend of traditions and contemporary techniques, the Galet Micro-Rotor features an understated dial that hides a concentrated blend of watchmaking innovations. Its caliber, which is wound automatically via an off-center Micro-Rotor, is the result of an exclusive development inspired by the “natural” escapement invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet.

This new direct double impulse escapement mounted directly on the balance wheel is equipped with a silicone lever. This modern construction, combined with the use of state-of-the-art materials, maximizes energy efficiency, which in turn ensures a high amplitude for balance and reduces the mechanical force required to wind the mainspring.

ANDERSEN Genève - Automaton Joker

ANDERSEN Genève, being very famous for EROS Automaton's, created the first timepiece with a poker game scene on the back dial: the Automaton JOKER where Konstantin CHAYKIN had brought his vast know-how on the front dial.

The dial of the Automaton JOKER tells the time like no other timepiece, thanks to the Joker's eyes and the moon phases displayed by the mouth! To underline this collaboration, Konstantin CHAYKIN's logo has been placed over the eyes while the ANDERSEN Genève logo is visible on the Joker's nose.

On the back of the watch, every element of the scene has been cut and painted by hand. By pressing a button on the chest at 8 o'clock, the eyes of the Joker, the dog, the man and the woman move. The scene becomes "lively" for about 2 minutes! The case of this timepiece was custom made to incorporate such a complex dial and an automaton on the back! Very delicate movable hinges ensure maximum comfort on the wrist.

For more information, visit the website of Salon des Horlogers clicking here.