The history of wrist watchmaking is closely linked not only to the tragic war events that characterized the first half of the 900th century but also to man's desire to push himself beyond his limits, think of the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze and her crossing. of the English Channel with his Rolex Oyster back in 1927.

But the twentieth century also saw the birth of the first car races, of legendary stables and cars of all kinds. It is the century of the gods of the four wheels, able to thrill at the wheel and also outside the circuits with their charismatic and sometimes damned personality. A fascinating world, in continuous evolution, punctuated by the ticking of “start & stop” pocket chronographs up to the most modern automatic chronographs.

Telling these two worlds is definitely a great challenge, which requires a great deal of effort if we think about how many protagonists, how many stories and watches have followed one another. Two prestigious authors have succeeded: John Goldberger e Cesare Maria Vannucci in the book "Time to Race. Watches and speed. Stories of men and machines”, A real journey through time with a series of drivers, circuits and watches that have become legends.


'Time to Race'features nearly 90 characters from the world of motor racing, along with their watches - the ones worn by Mike hawthorn, Stirling Moss e Carroll Shelby, the personal timepieces of Enzo Ferrari, Ayrton Senna e alfred neubauer, together with the personal collection of the great Alex Zanardi. Many of the watches photographed and featured in the pages of "Time to Race" are those that belonged to the pilots.

The Preface was written by Piero Ferrari, son of the great Enzo, also a collector of watches and da Tk Mak important collector of super cars and watches from Hong Kong. 

The book is divided into 5 chapters dedicated to Drivers, Managers, Formula 1 and Constructors. Watch manufacturers, timekeepers, circuits, a chapter dedicated only to Ferrari and Porsche.


Personally I found "Time to Race" an extremely well done book. A complete look at two worlds that have made enthusiasts dream for over a century, capable of satisfying both those like me who are more oriented towards the watchmaking aspect, and fans of the world of engines who will find stories and anecdotes difficult to find inside. a single book. I was able to discover stories I did not know, unsuspected links between pilots, watchmaking houses and the timepieces that have accompanied them throughout their careers.

Even in terms of aesthetics and layout it is really a well done book, with 1500 photos and a total of 496 pages.

"Time to Race " it's a nice addition to your library. A book that I recommend to those who love these two worlds - even just one of them - and are looking for a complete guide on the subject that can satisfy their thirst for knowledge, with two brands of excellence as a guarantee.

If at Christmas you still don't know what give you, add this book to your collection before it goes sold out!

Score: /5

"Time to Race. Watches and speed. Stories of men and machines"Is available on the website of Damiani Publisher at a price of 170Euro.